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    Looking for Langen,Huijsing book on CMOS and BiCMOS

    could not find this book Hello I tried to search in the download book section and was not able to find the book: Langen, Huijsing; Compact low-voltage and high-speed CMOS, BiCMOS and bipolar operational amplifiers; Kluwer;ISBN 0-7923-8623-X Does anyone have the book? Thanks
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    Need High Voltage IC Book

    High Voltage Devices and Circuits in Standard CMOS Technologies .... by Hussein Ballan,Michel Declercq, Kluwer Academic Publishers https://www.amazon.co.uk/Voltage-Devices-Circuits-Standard-Technologies/dp/079238234X Thanks
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    What is HV CMOS and what is the future in it?

    hv cmos Hello, I would like to know how important is High Voltage CMOS? Especially when all are talking about low power design.
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    Are OpAmp Designer the highly paid in Analog Design

    Hello all, I was wondering who among the Analog Design Group in a company is the highly paid and whoes task is the most toughest n critical? Is it the OpAmp Designer? I hope the Analog professional here would give their opinion....
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    Need Ebook on Broadband Chip ADSL2+/VDSL2

    Hello All, Does anyone have some ebooks, materials on broadband chip design. Please upload if anyone have. I have got the books already on the upload/download section. I need some more than that. Regards
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    How to plot the point of Textedit file in UNIX into Matlab

    Hello, I have a textedit file containing the different noise contribution at different frequency. I want to plot this. I know this is possible easily in Matlab but I don't know much about Matlab. Can anyone describe me the procedure to do that. Waiting for someone to provide the...
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    Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters book required

    Book Required Hello, Anyone have the book ....R. Schreier and G. C. Temes, Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2004. Please post it... Thank you
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    How to Simulate Sigma Delta ADC in Matlab

    Hello, I am working on a semester project of 1bit 1st order sigma delta ADC. Can anyone explain me the steps to simulate it in Matlab and also the SNR calculation. Any example code would be very helpful... Thanks
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    Any RFIC Problem collection & Solution

    Hello all... does anyone know of any book or have any problem collection of RFIC problems and good explanatory solutions. Any good book with lot of solved problems in LNA,MIXER,Oscillator,Power Amp. etc if anyone have or know plzz post... Thanks
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    does anyone have the following:

    Solution to "The Design of CMOS RF Integrated Circuits" Thomas H. Lee Book and solution to "Microelectronics Circuit Design"- Richard C Jaeger.
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    Please Guide How to proceed-- Design Sigma Delta ADC ?

    proceed design Hello, I am a graduate student, and I have been given to design a 1st Order 1-bit sigma-delta ADC as my project. I have been provided with an Operational Transc. Ampli(OTA) : Static Power Consumption=4.6458 mW, DC gain=60 dB, ω -3dB=476.6KHz, Phase Margin=56.427...
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    Help!!! First order Switched Capacitor 1-bit Sigma Delta A

    Hello , I want to design First order Switched Capacitor 1-bit Sigma Delta ADC. I want to use an OTA and Comparator. The A/D converter must provide at least 50dB SNR (signal tonoise ratio) over a 100kHz signal bandwidth. Minimum sampling frequency: 64 MHz ,Differential Input range: 1Vppd ...
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    How? to Design 1-order Switched Capacitor Sigma Delta ADC

    Hello , I want to design First order Switched Capacitor 1-bit Sigma Delta ADC. I want to use an OTA and Comparator. The A/D converter must provide at least 50dB SNR (signal tonoise ratio) over a 100kHz signal bandwidth. Minimum sampling frequency: 64 MHz ,Differential Input range: 1Vppd ...

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