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    True Voltage level from dB in Audacity?

    Hi, I generated a linearly frequency modulated signal (40kHz-45kHz) in Audacity software with an amplitude of 1. Ideally, the gain should be 0dB in this frequency range. But, when I use the Plot Spectrum option in Audacity, the gain is not 0dB but less. And as I increase the size e.g. from...
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    Magnitude/Gain of a Signal

    Hi, I have a chirp signal whose frequency vary from 18kHz to 23kHz. I have a transmitter and a receiver which sends and receives the chirp signal respectively. Now, I want to measure the magnitude/gain of the signal at different distances (e.g. 1m, 2m, 3m etc). What I do is that I take the FFT...

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