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    Remove audio noise from video ?

    Is there any software which can remove Audio noise from the video file ? If any body knows plz tell me the link or give me some idea
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    Plz Help me about Digital Image Processing

    First of all i want a Matlab Code for finger Recognition, Plz provide me code the main purpose of this code is for research purpose. Secondly I want a combined data of Iris and Face. I shall be very thankful to you.
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    Help Software Radio??

    I have a book related to Software Radio which contain 11chapters. Read this book this book is very helpful for you I will give u a link to download it You can also check the front page and other thing at link given below www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1580533477 Comsians Added after...
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    Formula for calculating nyqist frequency

    If any body know that signal has fs=4Khz wht wil be the nyqist frequency plz tell me the formula also
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    Modulating index and carrier question

    Why carrier frequency (fc) is atleast 10times higher than baseband frequency Secondly how to find the modulating index of the FM wave by seeing the spectrum reply soon thanx

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