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    What is the better Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi ?

    It depends on what you want to do. Requirements should define the tool to be used. For simple small projects VB is ideal, but when it gets to bigger and more complex, Delphi is the one. C is better though when no serious interface is needed and there is a lot of data proccessing to be done...
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    How to build USB link cable?

    Every mcu can act like a usb device as long as it can interface a USB controller. The problem will be with the max throughput of the data sent. The usb controller will keep the received packet of data and will NACK following packets, until your slow f84 running at 100KHz reads the already...
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    How to build USB link cable?

    A pc can only be the master in the USB. You cannot connect two hosts, but only hosts to slave devices. So you need to build a slave device that connects to two hosts and echo the traffic from the one "channel" to the other. Although that would be quite easy using a microcontroller, I believe...
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    USB Design by Example - website link

    Most of the links are dead :(

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