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    Need RF transceiver for 200 meter,500 meter,1 km range

    Dear friends, Please suggest me some RF transceiver module for 200 meters range,500 meters range and 1km range. Low cost one is preferable....
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    [SOLVED] analog voltage to ADC of atmega64a through analog optocoupler

    Thanks for the reply, I will give you in detail what i am trying to do , Depending on the 3phase input voltage my input at ADC should vary .For example if my 3 phase input is 400v then input at ADC should be 3v,if input is 200v then adc input should be 2v . For doing this i stepped down the...
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    [SOLVED] analog voltage to ADC of atmega64a through analog optocoupler

    Hello readers, I planned to give 3phase voltage to ADC of micro controller , for doing this i have done the voltage divider network and i have tapped 5v AC.Now this 5V AC is to be given to ADC of micro controller.Can i give this ac voltage directly to ADC or i should use any isolation in...

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