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  1. g_shyam1682

    [SOLVED] How to erase R5F21258 without the ID code using FDT?

    Hello Friend I am a newbie to Renesas controller. I have one old board of Renesas R5F21258SNPF with on board serial programming connector and have use serial I/O programming to program it using Flash Development Tool kit from Renesas. But whenever I try to program it, it give me Error no...
  2. g_shyam1682

    want to create c++ project for webcam access in linux

    Hello friends, I am newbie in embedded linux, and i want to create one c++ project. In my project, i want to access my laptop webcam and take photo and save in my project_photo folder. This project i am doing only for learning linxu and its API and how hardware interface done in...
  3. g_shyam1682

    Techniques of Writing Good Embedded Firmware?

    Hi Friends, I have more than 8 years of experience in firmware writing, yet i want to improve my skill to write firmware. Please suggest, What is the standard way of writing good,optimized and well organized embedded firmware? Suggest some good tips, links, pdfs or books. Regards,
  4. g_shyam1682

    SMS Message change from modem to my mobile

    Hi Friends, I have one GSM modem and when i send SMS from modem to My mobile using AT+CMGS=91234XXXXX command and Message = !@#$%^&* then message character change when SMS reach to my mobile To solve this problem i want to use UCS2 format in modem but i don't know how to use UCS2...
  5. g_shyam1682

    [SOLVED] Problem with P89V51RD2 interfacing with GSM module (SIM900)

    Hello friend, I have one problem with my GSM base project. In my project, i use P89v51Rd2 means 5V microcontroller and my GSM module (SIM900) is working at 4.2V, so how can i connect my Micro RX, TX which is at 5V to SIM900 RX, TX which is 4.2V support. Please help me to design my...
  6. g_shyam1682

    Help need to build IR transmitter with 36KHz frequency.

    Hi friend, I want to build one project in which i use IR transmitter and receiver for communication between two circuit at distance about 10 feet. At receiver side i use ready made IR receiver like TSOP1736 but at transmitter side, i don't know which type of component used to transmit my data...
  7. g_shyam1682

    beginning with embedded linux

    Hello Friends, I am working as Embedded System Designer with 4 years of experience in C programming(C51, PIC, ARM, AVR) up to 32 bit. Now i want to learn embedded Linux programming. my query is ==> from where, I am starting with Embedded Linux? ==> which starter Kit is useful for better...
  8. g_shyam1682

    beginning with embedded linux

    Hello Friends, I am working as Embedded System Designer with 4 years of experience in C programming(C51, PIC, ARM, AVR) up to 32 bit. Now i want to learn embedded Linux programming. my query is ==> from where, I am starting with Embedded Linux? ==> which starter Kit is useful for better...
  9. g_shyam1682

    [SOLVED] Interfacing with TWO 7-Segment

    Hi Friend I have one project, in which, I have to use two seven segment and one Microcontroller. and i want to interface between Microcontroller and segment using two wire(I2C). Is there any Technique or any Hardware, that do this type of interface with Seven segment? Because, i want to...
  10. g_shyam1682

    [SOLVED] PIC12F Comiler Problem with HI-Tech compiler

    PIC12F Compiler Problem with HI-Tech compiler Hi Friend I am programming in MPLAB and my compiler is Hi-Tech. I am using pic12f675. I write my code in C language. When my code is limited to 75% of program memory space, it is work OK. But when my code is more than 75%, It give following error...
  11. g_shyam1682

    Noise Problem in USB Communication

    Hi friend I have one project, In which => One PC(Personal Computer). => One Microcontroller -- PIC32MX575F256H. => One VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) used to convert Single phase electricity to Three Phase. and then drive three phase Motor. => USB communication between computer and...
  12. g_shyam1682

    PIC 32MX USB communication problem

    Hi friends I am working on USB communication between PIC32MX575F256H and PC. I have Microchip PIC32 USB Starter kit. and also circuit with PIC32MX575F256H which is design by me. I have some sample code for USB CDC serial communication for PIC32 USB starter kit. My problem is that. When i...
  13. g_shyam1682

    Need Programmer for PIC16F505

    Hi Friend I have one Radio Transmitter and Receiver kit In this kit, there is one PIC16F505 Microcontroller. Now, I want to modify code of PIC16F505. but my problem is that, i have not any type of programming tool to program PIC16F505 and i want to made programmer myself Is there any type of...
  14. g_shyam1682

    Need Help For PIC32MX Programmer

    hi friend i am new for PIC32MX575F256H Microcontroller i have already got that uC now i am confuse, how to program that uC with my code? I read about ICSP,but don't understand Please, Help me to Suggest How to program my uC easily ? How to use In-Circuit Serial Programming? Is there any...
  15. g_shyam1682

    Editing PAL Video Signal

    Hello friends i design a cross bar Project In which, i have edit PAL Video signal and make one horizontal and one vertical black line on CCTV Monitor My hardware is --PIC 18F4431, 20MHz Crystal --LM1881 My Horizontal line is OK But my vertical line is fluctuated, i use polling programming...
  16. g_shyam1682

    PIC32MX575F256H Timer Problem

    Hello Friend I am starting to work on PIC32MX575F256H I wrote the following program, but the TMR2 doesn't plus in MPLAB SIM mode, can someone help me to find the error? Thank you very much. #include <plib.h> #include <p32xxxx.h> #pragma config FPLLMUL = MUL_20, FPLLIDIV = DIV_1, FPLLODIV =...
  17. g_shyam1682

    IR Remote Control Receiver Problem

    Hello friend I have one IR Remote and TSOP1738 Receiver I found that my remote transmit 32 to 34 pulse for any one key press I have tried to decode that pulse, but i am not success I have used AT89c2051 controller and Program write in C language Anybody have any hint or idea or C language...
  18. g_shyam1682

    Starting with 16F877A - I am beginner

    Hello friend I am beginner for Pic16F877A and MicroC Editor I want to use individual pin of PIC 16f877A like PORTDbits.RD7 = 1; PORTAbits.RA1 = 0; of 18f4431 in MPLAB or P2_0 = 1; P2_1 = 0; P2_2 = 1; P2_3 = 0; of AT89S52 in Keil how it is possible in MicroC for 16F877A Help...
  19. g_shyam1682

    Audible noise in Stepper driver A3977

    Hi friends I have one stepper driver with IC A3977 When i rotate Stepper motor or vary the speed of Stepper motor, it produce Audible noise of current in winding. How this noise reduce. Any one have any idea or link, Please tell me, this cheer me Thanks in advance
  20. g_shyam1682

    [SOLVED] Problem with reading data from AT24C02

    Hello friends I have one microcontroller AT89S52 and EEPROM AT24C02. I write one simple program which write and read data to EEPROM when i used blank EEPROM , it work properly but when i used another EEPROM(with SOME data), which is used by other program(third party program) then My...

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