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    What is the current carrying capability of gold bonding wires with 1.25 mil diameter?

    bond wire matching unfortuunatly it asks me for a password and username if u can download it , pls make it available for us Thnx in advance Added after 2 hours 45 minutes: I found the following link **broken link removed**
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    What is the current carrying capability of gold bonding wires with 1.25 mil diameter?

    I am using bond wires to make matching circuits , I need to know what is the current carrying cabability of gold bonding wires with 1.25 mil diamter. thnx in advance
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    Is there a magnetic field inside a perfect conductor?

    Perfect conductor hi all I have a question Is there a magnetic field inside a perfect conductor (I know from basic courses and pozar's book that inside aperfect condcutor there are no fields) but if there is no field inside the condcuotr , how does the current flow inside the conductor incase...
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    Mobile antenna and Human Body

    effects of mobile frequency on human body most important to me is the effect of the body on the input impedance of the antenna does any body know how to make minimze this effect
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    Mobile antenna and Human Body

    the effects of mobile waves on body and human Hallo I would like to know the effect of human body on the mobil antenna and how can we make the antenna insenstive to this effect is this a problem for a wide band antenna thanx
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    What's the difference between fast sweep and interpolating?

    Re: Sweep type(HFSS) for the frequency sweeps check the pdf file called hfss_onlinehelp in hfss9 help directory page 405 for the multiplying factor u should use it if u r using symmetry planes check page 417 in the same file
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    Where to find tutorials for HFSS?

    site:edaboard.com hfss training https://www.ansoft.com/ots/utraining.cfm 8 tutorials with pdfs and project files ftp://ftp.ansoft.com/techsup/download/web/ftproot_inet/products/multiple/U_of_AR_Tutorials.zip i dont know if it is the same book pointed to by th elin kgiven above or not but the...
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    how to fix iexplore home page site change automatically

    go to start and run , type msconfig and see which programs run at startup and switch of suspicious programs
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    doc. study and work in US or Canada

    hi here are some good sites **broken link removed** https://www.collegeconfidential.com/discus/index.html
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    doc. study and work in US or Canada

    hallo i would like to know in which field do u want to study mamali and also why does your friend in canada tell u that studying in us is better i am not in us but i want to study further thanx
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    How and when to use bead balun?

    bead balun hallo Does anyone know about bead balun i have seen it as ferrite beads at the outside of coacial cabels does anyone have an appnote about it or how and when to use it thanx
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    Should I interpolate ENR dB values?

    ENR interpolation hallo i have a noise source with ENR values at 1 and 2 Ghz in dB i want to get the values in between should i interpolat the dB values or convert to linear scale then interpolat and then get the dB thanx
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    nonlinear transistor - how to plot load line on the graph

    Re: load line at ads hallo to my knowledge there r 2 kinds of loadlines dc load line and dynamic load line for the dc load line go to amplifier design guid and use the very first schematic i think it is called DC , GM and power (some thing like this) thanx
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    PCB prototype manufacturer

    hallo i need to make 2 or 4 boards working at 4 to 6 GHz do u know any service that is cheap , iam in europ another option does anyone know a supplier for good subsrats with cheap prices and the substances to etch it thanx
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    PCB prototype manufacturer

    hallo are these PCBs suitable for microwave circuits , how can i get epslon r of these PCBs thanx
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    How do I measure the NF of an LNA without a noise source?

    nf measure i am using an hp 8562 spectrum analyser and a noise source to measure NF using the Y method but i cant get the right gain and right NF figure i also use a noise figure meter to verify the result i use hp noise figure meter i use special function 9.1 and 9.2 to get the power and i...
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    Looking for Cadence SiGe Design kit

    Re: Cadence SiGe Design kit hallo does anyone has the SiGe design kit for atmel or IBM thanx
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    Is there Agilent ADS working on Linux?

    Re: ads under linux i wanted to us ads with cadence tools under linux thanx
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    Which university has a solid background for Analog IC desigh

    Re: Which university has a solid background for Analog IC de hello my question will be alittle bit different i am looking for good schools that have good profs in physical layer communication some things like space-time processing ,multi-user detection,Estimation coding , error correction...
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    Is there Agilent ADS working on Linux?

    ads under linux hello i would like to ask is there agilent ads under linux thanx

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