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    why in amba protocal burst can't cross 1k boundry

    amba protocal As the amba protocal said ,the burst issued by master can't cross the 1K boundry, does it have any problem? Or the limitation is a former one, don't have effect now?
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    how to exceed the 2G file limit

    fsdbautoswitchdumpfile During my recent simulation using nc verilog 3.1, the dump vcd file often exceed 2G. how to solve such problem, please give some advice.
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    Problem with using da to compile on redhat8

    any more segestion Is there some patch of the system to help change solve the problem without change my system back to 7.2?
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    Problem with using da to compile on redhat8

    problem of da on redhat8 We recently install s*y*n*o*p*s*y*s 2002.05-sp1 on redhat 8 . there is no problem in dc_shell in redhat, but when we use da the GUI come up as we expect, but when we use da to compile it destroy the GUI and come with the notice below start: email: <your email...
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    Help me design a 32 bit ALU in VHDL

    32 bit alu In design alu, you should define the adder yourself, according to overflow or no overflow. what's more, you should copperate you alu with the operation module. it is not easy.It is better refer to some book

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