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    What is the value of length for λ value given in MO

    mos parameters hi for a mos device there are parameters specified like Vto, µn , λ etc. i would like to know the value of the length (l) for which the λ value is given . million thanks in adv
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    how to choose length of the mos device in our design

    hi i would like to clear a small doubt suppose i want to design a CS amplifier with active load . i will then use the eqn Id = 1/2*kn*(w/l)*(Vgs-Vt)² i would like to bias the ckt at 50 µA and Vgs=1.5 V. applying the eqn above i would get the value for w/l . fine just tell me how to choose...
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    How to learn Analog Circuit Design?

    hi nice to c ur Q if u r a beginner , u could give a good start for urself by reading the book by Boylestad and Nashelsky ( electronic devices and circuits ) . it will give u a first hand knowledge on discrete circuit design (ie on bread board).Its a fantastic book on basic elecs for beginners...
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    analog ic design prospects

    hi guys i m final yr student doing ECE .i m very much interested in analog integrated design . and i am keen in doing a project in the same . can u guys help me out on 2 things please : (1) how r the prospects of analog and mixed signal design ( or at least tell me the related sites to visit...

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