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    Effect of metal resistivity on the characteristic impedance of microstrip line

    Hi We know that the characteristic impedance of a microstrip line is given as follows: In general the metal resistivity is so small that Z0 can be taken as sqrt(L/C). But if the metal resisitivity is not that small? Then according to the equation, this resistivity should affect the Z0. Is it...
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    How to enter complex conductivity vs. frequency into CST

    Hi, Following the discussion here: https://www.edaboard.com/threads/223918/ I obtained complex conductivity vs. frequency data of graphene material. I'm using CST and I don't know how to enter complex conductivity values in CST. I searched a lot for several days and what I concluded that I can...
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    CST ports problem-please help

    Hi, I just designed a simple microstrip transmission line and modelled it in CST. I attached the CST project. According to the microstrip design, epsilon of the substrate is 4.6, substrate thickness is 1.6mm, and line width is 3mm. I verified these calculations in 2 different plugins. The...
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    Forming SAR radar image from measured data-urgent

    Hi all, I built the cantenna radar system of MIT (http://www.glcharvat.com/Dr._Gregory_L._Charvat_Projects/Cantenna_Radar.html). I also designed a simple data acquisition circuit to transfer the measured waveform to MATLAB environment. Finally, I could acquire SAR data by putting a metal bin in...
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    An applied RF system

    Hi all, Please look at the attached block diagram first. I'm generating a sinusoidal RF wave using ZX95-2536C-S+ with a ramp function applied to tuning input. Hence a sinusoidal wave having a sweeping frequency is supposed to be generated. Then I split the generated wave using ZX10-2-42-S+...
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    Wireless USB data transfer

    Hi, I have a simple project where I read a sensor and send the data to the PC via USB using 18F2550. However, I'm planning to transfer the USB data wirelessly. Ideally I'll connect the "USB data transmitter module" to USB output of 18F2550 and then connect the "USB data receiver module" to my...
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    18F2550 programming error

    Hi, I'm using a PIC programmer that I bought on ebay. It was advertised as K150 programmer but I realized that it's a clone. Listed as here: **broken link removed** Anyway, I'm using PICPRO software and I can successfully program 12F675 and 16F84A. However, when I try to program or erase...
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    flash data corruption

    Hi, I am working on an embedded hardware which has a pxa255 processor with AMD's AM29LV256M flash chip. The system acquires analog input, passes thru the ADC, after processing, stores the data in flash memory. However, sometimes the data is corrupted when writing to the memory. I checked the...
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    Check my LED blinking program for PIC16F6888 MCU in Isis

    Hi, I am trying to simulate a PIC16F6888 MCU in Isis and it behaves strange. Just a LED blinking program but LEDs do not blink. MikroC and Isis files are attached. I need help please. Regards, carbon
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    Verilog-A genvar expression

    Hello, I'm trying to implement a voltage controlled capacitor in Verilog-A. I tried to use the following script: `include "disciplines.vams" `include "constants.vams" module capacitor(p,n); inout p,n; electrical p,n; analog begin if(V(p,n)>=0 && V(p,n)<2.5) I(p,n) <+...
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    Verilog-A simple capacitor

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate a simple capacitor module written in Verilog-A as follows: `include "disciplines.vams" `include "constants.vams" module capacitor_model(p,n); real q=1.609E-19; real L=300E-9; inout p,n; electrical p,n; analog begin I(p,n) <+ (2E9*q*L) * ddt(V(p,n)); //...
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    capacitance from a look up table

    Hi all, I need to implement a voltage dependent capacitance from a look up table in SPICE. I searched a lot but could not find any way. Could you please give an idea? Regards, carbon9
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    Negative capacitance and delay

    negative capacitance Hi all, There are some devices such as tunnel diodes or some new generation nano devices that seems to have negative parasitic capacitances. When it comes to the calculation of the delay of these negative capacitance devices, I'm a lot confused. For example, if we consider...
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    Calculating the electrical flux generated by a wire intecon

    Dear all, How can I calculate the electrical flux generated by a silicon interconnect wire provided that I know the 3-D charge distribution (rho(r)) in a 3-D wire interconnect as shown below? I'll use flux to calculate the parasitc inductance L=d(flux)/d(I)) Regards,
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    Capacitance of a silicon line (wire)

    Dear all, I'm to calculate the (static or dynamic) capacitance of a silicon wire shown in the Figure below. When a bias is applied to the metal electrodes, a current passes through the silicon wire. And by using Suprem, I can calculate the 3-D charge density inside the silicon wire, say rho(r)...
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    How to start mpd in two machines using MPICH2 for parallel computation

    mpdboot ubuntu Hi all, I'm trying to use a software that can use MPICH2 for parallel computation. For trying if it works, I've installed vmware and two Ubuntu Linux machines on vmware. Then by following the steps in this link: **broken link removed** I installed mpich2. Hostnames of the...
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    Nano device - equation for system with density of states

    Nano device question Hi dears, I'm following the book of Datta named "Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor". But just at the beginning, I'm confused a bit;) In the book, at chapter 1, there are some equations given for the current in nanotransistors. Specially, an equation for a system...
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    Typical VLCI interconnect resistance range

    Hi all, What is the interconnect's parasitic resistance and capacitance range (min. and max. values) for a typical VLSI process (or for a spesific process) ? Could anyone give some info or recommend a source that I can find info on this question? With regards,
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    Carbon Nanotube Transistor Simulation

    carbon nanotube transistor simulator Hi all, Is there anyone simulating carbon nanotube FETs' electronic properties like current-voltage characteristics? I searched over Internet and found some software like atomistix and Smeagol. Would these be sufficient to accurately simulated CNTFETs or...
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    VHDL "after" statement

    vhdl after statement Hi, I'm trying to use "after" statement to change some variables as the time passes as in the following code: library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; entity p82 is port(a, c, clk, rst: in std_logic; x: out std_logic); end p82; architecture behavior of p82...

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