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    Multiple attenuation by slant stack filtering and tau-p tran

    Pls, I need matlab codes to implement multiple (noise) attenuation in seismic data using slant stack filtering, tau-p transform and deconvolution. Any help on any of the codes is highly appreciated. Thanks
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    DWT digtal watermarking - matlab codes

    Pls I need matlab codes, tutorials resources to implement digital watremarking by Discrete wavelet transform (DWT). It's urgent, help me pls
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    Power divider on Ferrite substrate simulation on HFSS v 9.2

    Pls, I need help on the above. I introduced the dummy substrates and Discrete setup analysis but my simulation keeps hanging for days and doesnt exceed Pass 1. Pls if there's error in my design, help me out. Attached is my design.

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