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    [ARM] Arduino Due Board Atmel SAM3X8E USB Pen drive interface

    I purchased Arduino due board. The microcontroller is Atmel SAM3X8E With this board i want to create digital inputs logging system. I want to interface pen drive with this board. Data will store in pendrive in CSV Format. I dont know how to interface pendrive Please if anyone know i am begineer...
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    [51] What is xdata and pdata in keil c programming

    That means we can use more than 256 bytes ram of 89s52? If yes then how?
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    [51] What is xdata and pdata in keil c programming

    Thanks embpic for ur valuable reply. Please tell me one more thing that you said external data ram means interface another ram ic to microcontroller OR microcontroller itself external data ram. I am using microcontroller at89s52 is this ic supports for xdata and pdata?
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    [51] What is xdata and pdata in keil c programming

    Hi, I am in very confusion. Please tell me when to use xdata, pdata in keil. I searched on the internet but not getting satisfaction. I am creating program in that i need 100 unsigned character variables. Can i use xdata for storing these 100 variables? If yes then how? I am using 89s52...
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    6-digit 7 segment 5 displays interface with 8051

    I want to interface five 7segment displays with 8051 each display is of 6 digit. It is possible using only one 8051 ? if yes then how? Total 30 digits to interface or glow using one microcontroller 8051.
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    [SOLVED] ADC code from Analog to digital converter

    hi 2ndhandscope i want to more information about lmp90100 i cant get it from datasheet. i want to know that how to calculate the voltage from the output code of the lmp 90100?
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    Requires whole information of set top box usb

    Hi to all i want to know how the set top box usb works and their circuits when we connect it pendrive. How it communicates with pendrive in detail. Any related information please give me thanks
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    [SOLVED] IR Remote receiver interface with 8051 using c

    Very valuable information given Mr.Johnnyprimavera sir. Thank you very much for quick reply.
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    [SOLVED] IR Remote receiver interface with 8051 using c

    i want to interface tv remote control with 89s52. I have receiver is tsop1838 and the remote is china kit remote which works on 200 models of tv. i have success in detecting pulses but counting and changes with respect to numbers. Please help me about it or if any idea or program in c code.
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    [SOLVED] large array variables in ram

    thanks for yours valuable reply. i am creating 16x64 led matrix display using 74595(for cathode,column ) , 74ls138(anode and is row) and 89s52. for that i want to display character in 16x14 font. i have created font and their codes.one character has 224 hex codes. so i require array which can...
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    [SOLVED] large array variables in ram

    i am using 89s52 microcontroller, c programming in keil. my question is can i use array of 256 bytes in main function ? if yes then how?:-| please reply
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    [SOLVED] about memory size and locations of 24c16 eeprom

    thanks jayanth that means we can store only 2048 no.of 8bit characters in 16k eeprom. i have to store array of size [59][224] in eeprom for that which eeprom i have to use? please reply :cry:?
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    [SOLVED] about memory size and locations of 24c16 eeprom

    hi friends i have confused about 24c16 eeprom. that my question is how many(total no.of char) 8 bit characters can be stored in 24c16 eeprom? i.e. from 0000--to up to which memory location. please reply thanks in advance
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    [SOLVED] need help for 16x14 character font shifting in led matrix display

    Hello frients Happy new year to all, i am creating led dot matrix display i have used two 74ls138 ics and 4 74hc595. my matrix is of 16x32. i want to display character in 16x14 font.i am not getting good font generator for that and also how to shift or scroll them right to left. 74ls138 for...
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    [SRAM] memory Configuration Register

    link above is only for idea about configuration register(whatever sram or dram) see below link for basic sram https://web.eecs.umich.edu/~prabal/teaching/eecs373-f10/readings/sram-technology.pdf
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    [SRAM] memory Configuration Register

    see this link http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.ddi0331f/Chdjjheg.html
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    [SRAM] memory Configuration Register

    maulin sheth by configuring register we can set the type of memory ,baud rate,etc. but first tell where is this concept.
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    [SOLVED] Linearization of j typer thermocouple in c code

    Hello to all geneous. I am studying about j type thermocouple and i am not getting how to linearize thermocouple in c code ? is there any formula for conversion of thermocouple output to temperature ? Also there is any circuit using j type thermocouple? Please give reply?:-(
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    [SOLVED] about pga gain setting and relation

    after study i got the relation between gain and adc. that is adc gives output with respect to gain my problem is solved:-)

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