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    clock problem with MSP430

    hi, yes it is possible but it would also depend on additional circuitry used with msp430 some fluctuations are bound to happen. pimr
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    How to exchange data between msp430f148 and 8051?

    hi, u can use serial port to communicate data between msp430 and 8051. pimr
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    MSP430 Programming Tutorial

    msp430 assembly reference hi, i think it is better to program in c as u need to access lot's of low level functions and c is ideally suited for that.Also which compiler are you using?does that supports c++? regards pimr
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    MSP430 Programming Tutorial

    msp430 programming tutorial hi, you can refer these books for learning c. 1.K&R C 2. C Complete Reference by Herbert Schield book by herbert schield has already been uploaded somewhere in eda forum so you can easily download it. As far as K&R C is concerned i think it was posted earlier...
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    beginner designing robots

    hi, you can also try lego robots to experiment, and once u r thorough with it u may design your own! studying kinematics and then building a robot is not the easiest path to follow.First get yourself familiarized with small systems,replicate them and build your own. pimr
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    Is the 8051 assembly code compatible with AVR code?

    Re: AVR and 8051 hi, No they are different their instruction set is also different.If your code is in c u might be able to port to anyone of them with minor modifications. If code is in assembly i guess u have to rewrite the code by urself...
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    Looking for a free 8051 IP core written in VerilogHDL

    Re: help: 8051IP core hi, also try https://www.opencores.org/ it contains lot of free ip cores pimr
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    Is there internal pull-up resistor in MSP430F1121 reset pin?

    Re: MSP430F1121 Reset Pin hi, no external pullup is required. pimr
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    If Statement in assembly

    hi, for 8051 it would look something like JNZ P1.0 labelelse ; code ;write code for then here JMP endlabelelse labelelse: code ;write code for else endlabelelse: code ;further code hope this helps...
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    Using MSP430F1121 to drive a LCD display

    Re: MSP430F1121 LCD hi, which lcd r u using?ur interfacing requirements depend heavily on it! the one that i used had 2*80 screen display but it used i2c together with some commands to display so i needed just two port pins. As far as i...
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    MSP430 Programming Tutorial

    msp430 programming hi, you can go to ti site for msp430 u'll get lot of material as well as source code on assembly as well as c.if u r not able to locate it there pm me i'll reply with exact link. pimr
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    Is it difficult to program AVR MCU using Assembly language??

    Re: Is it difficult to program AVR MCU using Assembly langua hi, if u have extensive experience in 8051 assembly i think it is easier to write it avr assembly, code is compact and generally all your "time" requirements are met. pimr
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    Printing Bit images on the fujitsu FTP628MCL103 thermal prin

    ftp-628mcl103 hi, if u could upload the manual, we may be able to help you. pimr
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    Suggest some add-ons to automation system for auditorium

    Re: automation hi, you can also use chipcon's cc1020 rf module it can be easily interfaced with microcontroller and there is lots of code also available on their site. pimr
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    Do you use Salvo RTOS for MCUs ?

    Re: Do you use RTOS for MCUs you can try tinyOS too it can be used for smaller chips with limited resources.
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    modem interface with microcontroller

    hi, i want to interface the microcontroller with a wavecom modem.my query is what is the use of DCD and RI pins in modem?Is it that program polls for RI and if RI is present it sends necessary at commands to attend the call? also if RTS/CTS is used for flow control why is DTR/DSR required...
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    ultra low power 8051 microcontroller

    hi, does any one know about low power microcontroller based on 8051 with operating current not more than 1mA. thanx pimr

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