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    What's the best language for PIC programming ?

    Re: pic chips Hi SphinX, I guess that if you need to calculate this expression then you probably should not have used a pic micro. One should choose the correct microcontroller according to requirements. How long would a pic take (if possible) to calculate that expression? Tell me when the...
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    Interrupt an Interrupt in PIC16F877

    As Mr. Cool said, it can be done. Usually, after servicing an interrupt you run a retfie command that sets back the GIE bit. No one can stop you from re-enabling the interrupt before fully servicing the previous interrupt, so can be re-interrupted. BUT, it is very risky and several things...
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    printers direct for pcb??????

    You can use some kind of horizontal flatbed plotters and print the circuit directly onto the copper. Of course you will have to use the chemicals, they just prin the circuit, they do not produce ready pcbs.

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