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    POCSAG FSK Transmitter

    fsk transmitter schematic Hi, I need schematic of 147 - 174 MHZ range POCSAG /FSK/ Transmitter. I spent a lot of time searching any schematic which I can build. I can not find such project with detailed schematic. Can you help me ? Pioneer 007
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    Looking for POCSAG encoder based on PIC

    Hi All, I am looking for POCSAG encoder based on PIC processor. I need to know any more about POCSAG protocol. How I can control 10-15 receivers. Any software ? Any ideas ? Thanks, Pioneer_007
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    I need PIC based CW Memory Key

    ct2gpw Hi Tornado, I know IK0WRB's keyers very well. I am looking for another type keyer. I need memory key with 3-4 or more memory pages. I would like to access the memories trough separate buttons for each one memory page. If you know the Island keyer II...
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    I need PIC based CW Memory Key

    keyer cw pic Hi all, I need PIC based CW Memory Key. Where I can find schematics and sources? Regards, Pioneer_007
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    Radio data system project request

    Hi, try at www.pira.cz Regards Pioneer_007

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