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    Unscented kalman filter implementation

    Hi folks! Well I am feeling hopeless right now. For the past 3-4 hours I am trying to understand unscented kalman filter and its giving me a headache. On a scale of 0-10, my statistic knowledge is close to 1. I read a lot of literature on the UKF but have NO IDEA how to implement it. Let me...
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    How do I convert byte to int in C ???

    Hello All ! Ok so I am bit confused about how can I convert byte to int in C. So lets say we have a variable A in byte. How would I convert the value of A from byte to int. Thanks ! Neyo
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    How to increase amplitude of output voltage from 100 m V to 1V

    Hi all I am building a colpitts oscillator which seems to work just fine. The problem is its "vout" ( shown in the image) is a 100 mV sine wave with a frequency of about 60Khz. I need to square up this sine wave and using another transistor to do so. At the moment , the second transistor is...
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    Drop 12 V sqaure wave to 5 V sqaure wave

    Hi all I want to drop a 12 V square wave to 5 V square wave. This 5 V square wave will be fed to PIC18F4620. I know of clipper circuit , but I need something very simple as I have very limited electronic/electrical resource with me ( only few resistor ) :???: Is the link below going to work...
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    What is a boresight check?

    Hello All Well I have a radar sensor that counts number of vehicles in each lane. The installation guide asked me to perform a boresight check before installing the sensor. What is a boresight check and how do I perform it? Thanks Neyo
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    How to continually read data from a COMPORT

    Hello Everyone I need some guidance over reading data from one of my COMPORT. I have a sensor which is connected to my laptop via serial-USB convertor. I am receiving data at comport every 1 minute (this can alter). I want to continually read this data and save in a text file or most preferably...
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    how to issue ascii commond to serial port

    Hello everybody I have been playing around with a sensor for the past 1 week and realised it has an additional feature. The sensor captures an additional physical quantity but it does not transmit this quantity on to its control software running on the computer. So, I contacted the...
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    Identify 01 in a set of 001001001

    Hi All I have a very simple question that I "kind of" know the answer to. But I would like to see what you guys think. I have a series of digital data for example 001110001100000111100. I want to count how many 0 to 1 transitions are present in the data. For the data set in the example, I...
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    How does google maps estimate travel time on urban roads?

    Hello I always wondered how does google maps estimate travel time from A to B on urban roads? Does it take into account the delays at traffic light intersections, roundabouts , left and right turn or delay caused by congestion? Lets say if I want to go from A to B and there are 4 traffic...
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    Any Transport Engineer here?

    Hello Folks Well I have a small question regarding some transport related issue and was wondering if we have any transport engineer on board. I have been reading about SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) and its use across the world. SCATS is a traffic managment tool that works...
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    How to view data off a WSDL file in Soap

    Hi I have a WSDL file but not quite sure how to view data from it. I know WSDL isnt for human use, as its developed for an application. I am using SoapUI 4.5.1 to access this : https://infoconnect1.highwayinfo.govt.nz/ic/jbi/TREIS/SOAP/FeedService/main.wsdl but unable to do so. Every time I...
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    How to open 11B extension file on Windows 7?

    Good Evening Everyone :-D Someone sent me a setup file of a program on my email. When I downloaded it I realised its got a file type "11B". Firstly, I dont know what type of file extension is 11b and secondly Im unsure how to open it. Its a set up file though. Ideally it would have a .exe...
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    Compute gradient . How to get points A and B (Image)

    Hi all you brainy people :-D Well I wasnt sure where to post this topic, then realised I would need a micro to compute gradient and ending up posting it here. Ok so, I need some ideas on how to compute gradient of a 'parabola looking thing' (Image). So basically I need to compute gradient...
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    Extract Gradient ( in real time)

    Hi all I am looking to extract the gradient of my sensor data I capture (real time). Im not sure how to do that. Lets say the sensor plots a "V" shaped graph in response of an external stimulus ( Please see the image). All I need to do is capture X1, Y1 and X2 and Y2 (please see the image) ...
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    [Moved] How to edit previously posted replies

    Hi I would like to change some details of the replies I have posted in some of my posts. I cannot find "edit" option anymore. Is it possible to go back and change some details of previous posts? Cheers ---------- Post added at 09:58 ---------- Previous post was at 09:57 ---------- Is...
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    4.7 V zener diode - Unsure what is wrong????????

    Hi all In the image attached , I have a resistor ( 1Kohm) and a zener diode ( 4.7V) connected in series. I have 9 V across it. Now, I am reading my vout ( in red) across the diode. Since its 4.7V diode, it should have a voltage drop of 4.7V across it. But in reality its only 3.5 V and my Vout...
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    Strage problem - Timer 1

    Strange problem - Timer 1 Hi Im using PIC18f4620 on a picdem2 plus board. Initially timer1 was working fine and I could write it to TMR1H and TMR1L ( data reg of timer 1). Then I changer Timer 1 to 8-bit . After a while I changed Timer 1 back to 16 bit mode and since then I cannot write to...
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    Please help me convert my idea into C code

    HI ALL Well I am using PIC 18F4620 and coding in MC18. I want to do something and I have a clear idea about it but unsure how to code that in C. Could you guys please have a look at what I want to do and convert that to C code please. So, I am using interrupts. I have a test condition in the...
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    CCP increments with Timer1

    Hi all Ive been trying very hard to figure out why my CCPR1 register increment with Timer 1. Im using PIC18F4620 on a PIC DEM2 Plus board. Ideally, the CCP module should CAPTURE the content of Timer1 when an interrupt occurs. But in my case, CCP data registers (CCPR1) increments with Timer1...
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    How should the MCLR pin of a PIC18 be set ?

    Heya Well I have been reading a lot about MCLR/Vpp pin on a PIC18F and how it may cause some code to not work. What should the normal TRIS bit for MCLR be? 1 or 0? Cheers

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