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    where can i make pcb

    from where i can make pcb, i design pcb in express pcb now i want to make double layer pcb in india or any india or forigen website who deliver and fabricate pcb,s
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    how can i use pic microcontroller to control my lcd tv

    how can i control my lcd plasma through pic 16f877, i read about the ir remote codes of panasonic., but i dont know how to program them on pic. i also know the circuit of ir sensor, but can anyone guide me to how can i control it from pic through my voice. how it works? how can i program it...
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    abt connecting EMIC2 with pic 16f887 for audio feedback or tts

    is there any person who works on emic2. actully i wanted to opertae a relay via pic16f887 and wants a audio feedback, i cant use apr9600 bcoz it has limited storage for audio output, so plz anyone there guide me for this situation..i,m also using computer to give commands to microcontroller, so...
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    any text to speech module for pic microcontroller

    i make a projects for my own use with speech recognition system.. in this project microcontroller is connected with max232 through pc to operate relay through voice. when i give voice commands relays are operating very well but now i want to add something more in it like vrs(voice responsive...
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    [SOLVED] how to run multi rx tx in microcontroller

    how can i add gsm modem, bluetooth module with pic microcontroller actully i ,m making a project with my pc where i control a microcontroller through max232 with my voice.i also want to add a sim300 module and a bluetooth module to run operate relays so there for these module use rx tx of...
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    re: speech recognition project .. plz help me admin

    re: speech recognition project .. plz help me admin some days ago i purchase a speech recognition board from sunrom website..there is one problem i getting that if i train him with a word of my voice it recognize all person word they speak..why this is happening..i read the manual..according to...

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