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    Re: DC 12V MOTOR CONTROL . FWD , REV , SPEED CTRL , 4WD , BR Hi, For little power you can use integrated Hbridge (L292; L298; LMD18200). This circuits contain current measure and braking command. CD:D
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    Re: DC 12V MOTOR CONTROL . FWD , REV , SPEED CTRL , 4WD , BR Hi, Very strange braking solution !!! It's looks like battery's short-circuit. Be careful with this solution your accumulators can explose. CD:D
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    Function generator with max038 (elektor 1995)

    max038 elektor Hi, There are all the files to build 10 to 10MHz function generator. Sources files from elektor 06:1995 CD:D
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    How to read SMD capacitor values.

    how to read a capacitor Hi, The response is contain in your question !!! Nothing on the capacitor, nothing to read.... It's simple, isn't it? Use a capacimeter.... CD;)
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    Can bc557 and bc547 be used to compose of h-bridge ciuruit?

    h-bridge bc337 Hi, Yes you can if your continuous current motor is less than 100mA. CD
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    Who have DSO Grab software for GBDSO

    gbdso.gb Hi, You must have a classic or basic color gameboy. Take a look at the elektor website for the price (#150$) CD:)
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    Who have DSO Grab software for GBDSO

    gameboy dso HI, This is the EPROM file CD:)
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    Who have DSO Grab software for GBDSO

    circuit to convert gameboy to dso This is the file! CD:°
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    PCB and schematic for the Microchip ICD

    ccs picc icd schematics Hi, Sorry but I can't nothing for you, because I don't use CCS. CD :oops:
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    PCB and schematic for the Microchip ICD

    gerber file icd2 Hi, What is the value of the target clock? With which version of mplab did the problem appear? If your target frequency is too high and your cable too long you can have some problems. CD:)
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    Cmeter project for 0.01pF to 16,777.215 uF

    Re: Looking digital capacitance meter Hi, Look at the elektor web site, they have a simple capacimeter. CD:)
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    PIC + humidity sensor

    pic interface circuit for humidity sensor Hello, If you want to use SHT11 from sensirion you can have a free sample of this part on the sensirion web site. CD :)
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    PIC + humidity sensor

    pic humidity sensor Hello, You can use: An oscillator schematic and calculta the frequency with the timer of the pic. You can use a controlled constant current generator to supply your probe. You command the generator with a constant time and you'll use a CAN to convert the voltage of the...
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    I really need your help!!!

    sfh506 Hello, Download the datasheet of the lm567 on the national semiconductor web site. www.national com and look at the applications circuits. You can find all the formulas for the externals components of the LM567. Also you can find many schematic on the web. CD :)
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    Microchip ICD problem with debugging

    Hello, You must use a led which have a direct voltage of 2V. Look at this site: http://membres.lycos.fr/silicium31/Electronique/PIC/free_icd.htm CD:)
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    simple four position vga manual signal switch to monitor?

    Hello, You can find video switcher IC at www.maxim-ic.com. These circuits have integrated video amplifier. I've already built a video switcher for two computers for one monitor. I used maxim's circuits and it's work well. CD :)
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    Function generator 10Hz-10MHz with max038

    function generator schematic Hello, Join the characteristics of the function generator. CD :)
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    Dincers JavaScript LCD Simulator V 1.06

    LCD simulator Hello, This is a little 2*16 caracters LCD simulator. Write in javascript. CD / File deleted, see link below. /
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    Function generator 10Hz-10MHz with max038

    max038 hello, I'll uploaded the file one more time. Perhaps it'll be intact in the mirror. CD :?
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    Function generator 10Hz-10MHz with max038

    max038 function generator Hello, This the schematic, the PCB, the silkscreen of function generator from elektor. It used a MAX038. CD :)

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