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    tsmc 0.13 substrate resistivity

    hi everybody, is there someone kind to tell the substrate resistivity(Ohm.cm) of tsmcrf 0.13? I want to take a EM simulation with momentum but i cannot find the param in tsmc docs. Many thanks~
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    tsmc 0.13 substrate resistivity

    Hi, everybody. is there someone kind to tell me the value of substrate resistivity(Ohm.cm) of tsmcrf 013? I want take some EM simulation, but i cannot find any parameter in documents.
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    Help for some marketing info. of RF PA technology

    Hi, everybody, I have read an interesting market infomation of RF PA technology, in an isscc2004 tutorial. which said that 73% of commerial PA (in mobile) is in GaAs, 20% in LDMOS. But as we know, in recent years, since SiGe technology is rising up, the PA market may have changed...
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    above 60GHz? looking for commercial products

    above 60GHz? recent years, research on about 60GHz is focused by many institutes, such as Razavi... By now, are there some commercial products, maturely? and are they implemented in GaAs MMIC? Please give me some infomations about the Corps and products, thanks!
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    A quesion about class E PA

    In Raab's classical paper 'idealized operation of the class E tuned power amplifier', a conclusion is that the normalized Pmax=0.0981 (Pmax @ClassA= 0.125). That means the PUF=Prf/Plin < 1 While in Steve Cripps's book <RF Power Amplifier for Wireless Communications>, the PUF of class E is...
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    Some questions about RF PA design

    Some questions about PA I am a newbie on rf pa design, only read some books&papers without any actual experience, Here are my questions 1. Some pa use this structure: rf input -> bandpass sigma-delta modulator -> Class S amplifier(PWM) -> bandpass filter As above, if input is audio...

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