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    avr fast division routine for high numbers

    avr division Hi, Does anyone know a fast method to integer divide 2 long numbers (6 bytes)? I searched on the net and i found one which might apply also for avr https://www.convict.lu/Jeunes/Math/Fast_operations2.htm Does anyone implemented or used such kind of methods? Thanks!
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    Noise on ADS1251 Vdd pin

    ads1251 Hi my friends, I built an A/D converter for load cell using ADS1251 from TI. At the beginning i had a lot of noise on Vdd supply pin (also on Vref and supply pins for signal amplifiers), but after manny hours spent in the lab i successfully removed some sources of noise. When you...
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    AD7730 Effective resolution

    ad7730 site:edaboard.com Hello my friends! I built an weight system based on ad7730 chip from analog devices! When i operate the chip at 200 hz in chop mode i obtaine an effective peak to peak resolution (no flicker code) of 14 bits in 10 mV unipolar ranges (with the inputs shorted in...
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    Noise induced by microcontrollers

    Hi friends, Anyone had so far problems with noise induced by microcontrollers? I worked to build a circuit for weight measuring applications and I found that using more or less the same schematic and layout for analog part, the result had a strong influence according to the...
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    Problems with AD7730 resolution in a weighing system design

    Hi, I am trying to build a weighing system but i face some problems with the noise and the stability of the measured value. I built 3 versions of aprox the same schematics but with different layouts. With the first version I got a 14 bit resolution, but this version had some other problems! I...

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