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    How to convert Verilog code to block diagram or schematics?

    Re: verilog to schematic Hey, Are you sure Active-HDL can convert .v codes to schematic? I know it can do it inversely, i.e. you can plot a schematic in active-HDL and it will provide you the base of your verilog codes (input, output, reg, ...), but I couldnot find what I wanted. I am sure...
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    How to convert Verilog code to block diagram or schematics?

    verilog to schematic Hey, I am almost new to hardware design. I have a Verilog project written in Al.tra Qua.rtus II. It is so hard to go through the codes. I wonder if there is a software which can convert this project to a block diagram or schematic.
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    Modelsim error when loading design

    modelsim error?? Dear All i am working with modelsim 5.8, i have written my verilog codes and modelsim can compile all of them. but when i want to load my top module after loading all modules it writes #Error loading design why?? what can i do??? i really couldn't solve it. thanks?
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    I/O terminology in FPGA

    Dear All As i have been reading FPGA documents I encountered some terminologies in I/O topic which i cannot realize their meaning. what is the meaning of: single ended I/O differential I/O DCI I/O these words are widely used in spartan-3 Xilinx documents! Thanks,
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    Looking for Verilog programming e-book

    Verilog E-Book i just have downloaded them but not very quick guid. i wanted a book which teach me verilog veri quickly. i found it and have uploaded it for others. as Introduction to verilog. (Peter Nyasulu)
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    Looking for Verilog programming e-book

    nyasulu verilog Hi I am a new user to verilog programming and i am trying to find a good e-book from beginning to end. I have checked the edaboard UP/Downlopad but it seems non-of them are suitable for me. any one have any idea?? thanks
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    converte C codes to verilog codes

    C converter t verilog Perhaps nobody could understand my question. for example if you want to work with one of TMS up it is not neccessary to read it its assemply completely. it is sufficient to write your program in C and then run a program lik cgen which convert your C codes to assembly...
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    converte C codes to verilog codes

    Dear all Is there any tool which converts a program written in C to verilog?
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    How to start implementing DSP on FPGA?

    DSP on FPGA implemention of filters (FIR/IIR) is quite easy(if they are not adaptive).just calculate your filter coeficients and then store it.then get your data in a register and do the canvolution.nd go on.but there is some details about convolution.do you see Openhaim. "Discrete time signal...
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    How to learn the FPGA from a scratch?

    First step to FPGA why you dont try Xilinx.com and its documentations?
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    what Embedded System means??

    Hi every one I am a new in FPGA and starting to learn spartan-II of Xilinx but there is some words in it i donot understand that can anybody explain them.or introduce a site for them: embedded system GNU MicroBlaze Platform if anyone can each of these understandig words for me i will be very...

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