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    What´s the sense of Points and Level?

    Hi, may be it´s a little stupid - but I don´t understand for which reason a member can get points and can get to a higher level. What´s the benefit of getting points? Regards Udo
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    Double resolution of a rotary encoder

    Hello, years ago I made a program to control an inverted pendulum. To increase the system resolution for better control, I doubled the encoder resolution by software. Here is the code. It is written for ATmega88 - may be someone can use it. // Port and Pin definitions for Rotary Encoder...
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    Isolated Keyword Recognition

    Hello, I would like to start a project where a small robot can be commanded by some spoken keywords. It should be based on 32-bit devices like ARM7 / Cortex M3/M4 devices. Does anyone know a solution for this? Regards Udo

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