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    Speech Recognition by Hardware

    Hey i have one question. If we use the DSP controller such as HM2007 or SENSORY's RSC Microcontrollers, do we have to use any extra sound card ( for ADC, pre-filtering)? Also how can we implement Filters and Framing/Windowing to obtain speech samples? Do we need FPGA or EPROM? thanx
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    Speech Recognition by Hardware

    those links looks very useful....i will go through it...thanx
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    Speech Recognition by Hardware

    I think you mean DSP series and not DS.... Can anyone tell me what other components do we need....Actually we have to make the device completely PC independent....So we will need to build the board that will take the voice and we can use HMC speech recognition chip. But i am not clear about...
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    Speech Recognition by Hardware

    Hey folks, I am currently doing my final year engineering project. The project is voice controlled home automation. As you might know speech recognition will play the bigger part in it. We DO NOT want to use any pre-build hardware or software such as Microsoft one or PC for speech recognition...

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