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    hideous new ad insertion

    I'm running an ad blocker and I'm still seeing some really hideous annoying ad insertion between forum sections? Is this something that is now going to be normal, they even move around where they are inserted plus they seem to change in quantity when refreshing the page. I've seen 1 up to 4...
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    fixedsys font not displaying correctly in earlier edaboard post.

    I just referenced a post I made earlier and discovered that my ASIC waveforms are now being displayed using a proportionally spaced font: Looking at what is there when I "reply" to the message shows the original font: I've looked through the profile settings and don't have the WYSIWYG...
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    Python - having problem with bitstring cut method

    I'm trying to use the cut method from bitstring and have been running into a discrepancy with the behavior called out on the example given under cut shows the following: >>> s = BitString('0x1234')>>> for nibble in s.cut(4): ... s.prepend(nibble) >>> print(s) 0x43211234 Now on my Win7...
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    Excessive use of "moving" threads between forum areas

    Moderators, The excessive moving of posts that are misplaced in the wrong area seems to result in destruction of answers to the original post once it is moved. I noticed that a post that I and another member responded to has moved and those responses have now been deleted...
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    Comfort and quality of ESD Shoes

    As the company I work for is getting very serious about ESD (which they should have been before this). They've dictated that engineers will require heel grounding straps along with wrist straps (talk about overkill). Now I dislike the idea of sticking a "wick" down my sock (can't see how...
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    [SOLVED] Using xvhdl in a .bat/.cmd file seems to abort execution

    Folks, I'm running into a strange problem with using Vivado's xsim simulator. I'm trying to run a batch command file to compile the files with xvhdl without a project or the gui running. Well I've run into a problem with the batch file aborting after the very first xvhdl command is run. The...

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