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  1. liteon

    sprint layout printing problem with hp1200 laser jet.

    Hi. I am having a weird problem here. My setup is the computer running windows 7 ultimate 32bit, Hp1200 series Laser jet printer with upd-pcl6-x32- printer drivers downloaded from Hp's official web site.Windows 7 does not have a driver for this model. previously i have been designing...
  2. liteon

    Instrumental amplifier selection for RLC meter

    Instrumentation amplifier selection for RLC meter Hello! My question is about particular RLC meter in the link blow. http://hardlock.org.ua/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9 Its a project simple enough and seems to be having good performance.Still i need to ask if i can substitute the instrumentation...
  3. liteon

    These op-amps are not to be found here, help

    Hi, friends Here is the list of the Op-amps used in almost all of the projects by hobbyists and modern equipment. But to my surprise these are no where to be found in my country.I have tried almost every large city and dealership in my country.They offer to import them for me against heavy...
  4. liteon

    dark activated led light controller board.

    Hi. recently my solar chargeable led light fixture stopped to work.It won't turn on.It has 3 high brightness led straw hat types,and runs on 2 of 1.2v rechargeable batteries. A LDR turns in on while in dark.The PCB has a COB type ic. Which can not be identified.The other problem is this circuit...
  5. liteon

    Atmel eeprom markings,Need help to identify.

    A weak earlier i placed an order with a distant online vendor of electronic components.One of those devices was 24LC256 EEPROM.Today i received the package of parts but The eeprom is marked different,as under. ATMELU934 2EB 1 Z9F2900F. Atmel does not list LC version of this part.The datasheet is...
  6. liteon

    Need automatic charger schematics for 9v block battery.

    Dear all. please look at the attached the pictures of a battery that i need to recharge.Its Ni-mH 200mA 9v battery made by camelion in germany. Why need to make a charger myself? Well special chargers for this battery are available in the market where i live and are made by camelion (very nice...
  7. liteon

    [SOLVED] Urgent help is needed for SMPS project.

    Hi, i need to figure out the working of following SMPS circuit.It is simple one mosfet based SMPS. I want to make my first smps but first i need to ask few question to implement this project. 1- A little operational explanation. 2- Frequency depends on which part of the circuit.Can it...
  8. liteon

    [SOLVED] data corruption and standby option disabled.

    Hi, I need urgent help.While transferring a video file from desktop to F partition on my hard drive was not successful and file could not be moved but the partition lost all of the data.The standby power option was itself disabled. Reinstalling a fresh copy of windows XP SP2 wont solve the...
  9. liteon

    MC1466 clone attempt.

    Hi, i want to clone MC1466(long obsolete).A unique floating voltage and current regulator.I have the datasheet in pdf formate but the diagram of inside circuit of ic is not clear.I tried to download from different sources but the result is almost identical. Is their any one in possession of...
  10. liteon

    Availability of SMD ATMEL AVR mcu,s in pakistan?

    Hi, please someone here from pakistan could be of some help. I live in Hasilpur a remote city of district Bahawalpur, Punjab. At my city i can get almost all discrete and other commonly used components and some variety of modern and old microcontrollers but limited by DIP or PDIP versions...
  11. liteon

    [SOLVED] winding ferrite core transformer and maintaining the phase.

    Its been some time when i came across a web page where making of ferrite core transformers and inductors was discussed.It was shown in details with diagrams the way to count the turns. It was different from iron core transformer turn counting, and the way to make half and 1/4 turns,also there...
  12. liteon

    compatibility of A/D converters.

    Hi, I need to build a charger for high capacity lead acid battery.It is a three stage battery charger for both low and high capacity batteries.Seem good choice to me,So i checked the market before starting the project and found almost all components except A/D converter TLC548,i can get ADC0831...
  13. liteon

    seeking help to modify 200 watt inverter.

    Please look at the attachment and suggest the better way to modify the schematics of the inverter for more power.The inverter schematics is for 12v to 220v 200 watt inverter with ferrite core transformer. I need to modify it to go for 500 watts. how can i do it? two more trafos. more mosfets at...
  14. liteon

    help needed to identify the core.

    Can any body please help me to identify this type of ferrite core.the dimensions are given in the pictures.IT looks like EE series core but the center leg is round.The core is from an ATX power supply.Is it good to use in dc to ac inveters?
  15. liteon

    Pic16F84 controlled power supply.

    Hi guys. I have a small problem.I downloaded some bench power supply designs based on different Mcu's. i am most interested in making elektor Nov,Dec 2001 version.I got every thing to make it but only one part is not available to me and that's LT1491.Can it be substituted with other...
  16. liteon

    migrating from old Microcontroller to newer version.

    Hi friends. Since Microchip is always upgrading their older versions of Mcu with new versions which is a technology advancement and results in better but cheaper chips. But often one it required to make changes in program written for older version to adopt for new versions of chips. This is the...
  17. liteon

    elektor semiconductor analyzer april 2005, hex needed

    Hello, Can anybody kindly provide me the hex file of sc analyzer from elektor to use with pic16f876A. The original hex file is for non A version of Mcu.Please i need it urgent.
  18. liteon

    what is wrong with atmega8-16pu version

    Hi. I have this weird problem here with my mega8-16pu chips. I have been using Atmega8L-8pu since ever,programming them with my serial port programmer. A few days back i made Famous usbasp programmer.For my 2 next projects i ran out of my stock of mega8L-8Pu chips.Now only Mega8-16PU are...
  19. liteon

    help to identify this stepper motor.

    Hi, i need to identify this stepper motor.its a five wire unipolar stepper motor.I need the data sheet for this motor if some one can help me please. The only makings on the motor as you may see in the second image IMG0059A, are one the bottom of the motor. First line is EM-435 second bottom...
  20. liteon

    max232 or simple resistor-transistor level converter for Atmel avr.

    Hi. I need to know the advantages of using Max232 (if any) against simple resistor-transistor level converter for serial port avr programmer. Is max232 able to provide some better level of protection to serial port and avr Mcu compared to to resistor-transistor level converter? Thank you...

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