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  1. bjuric

    [SOLVED] Hyper terminal problem for data receive pic16f877

    Short pins 2 and 3 on your serial port. Fire up HyperTerminal and set 'Flow control' to 'none'. Now anything you type should loop right back to the screen. It's called a loop back. You can also loop flow control signals (check google for pins).
  2. bjuric

    How to install LUBUNTU .

    First you need to make room for the new OS using a partition manager, for example gParted form Ubuntu LiveCD. Of course, if you left an empty partition, then skip this. Backup your MBR to a safe place, good choice is a USB thumb drive: dd if=/dev/sda of=<path to mounted USB...
  3. bjuric

    How to install LUBUNTU .

    Couldn't be further from the truth.... Unlike windows, a linux doesn't slow down over time. The only slowdown I've ever experienced was during very heavy HDD usage which will slow down the system response because linux is primarily build for a server and in turn gives higher priority too HDD...
  4. bjuric

    PIC18F quartz frequency tuning

    Very good point. You guys are right, I'll go for the TCXO and eliminate all the hassle. Now only to explain to the older people that new technology doesn't need calibrating all the time like they used to do LOL Thank you very much, everybody.... I'll marking as solved... as soon as i...
  5. bjuric

    PIC18F quartz frequency tuning

    Yes I know. That's because I don't have any specific requirements. This is still a developing idea for a new product. In the end I can just put +/- accuracy, but I'm going for the best I can get. It will not see large temperature oscillations and I was looking at AT-cut characteristics and it...
  6. bjuric

    PIC18F quartz frequency tuning

    Thanks for the input. That also did cross my mind. I'll see how it goes in testing. I've done some tests with that plastic orange resonator to see if the principle itself would work and was surprised to get some nice results. But the resonator itself has high jitter (can't remember the figures...
  7. bjuric

    How to install LUBUNTU .

    Most popular visualization software are VirtualBox and VMWare. My recommendation is VirtualBox. I use it at work and home daily.
  8. bjuric

    PIC18F quartz frequency tuning

    Yeah, that's my primary concern about this setup... I'm thinking since it will not be continuous timing, but rather start-stop in that small time range, the error should not accumulate enough to cause concern. But tests will show how that works out. The jitter will be the bigger issue than the...
  9. bjuric

    PIC18F quartz frequency tuning

    Thank you, this is very nice reed. I do intend to use the external crystal. I know osctune is for internal oscillator, what I meant by tunable is that I must have a means to calibrate the quartz frequency from time to time, with a variable capacitor. My work demands that all the equipment is...
  10. bjuric

    PIC18F quartz frequency tuning

    Hi guys, I need to do some precise timing in 10us to 10ms range. And for this, I'm trying to achieve as precise crystal frequency as possible. The oscillator also needs to be tunable for periodic calibration. This is the setup. The oscilloscope is showing nice waveform, but I'm unable to...
  11. bjuric

    boot loader confusion

    Yes the program stays. The bootloader is used on devices that support self-programming to reprogram the code, without the need for dedicated MCU programmer. When you start the MCU, it takes incoming data and flashes itself, if no data is received in set amount of time (few seconds) than the...
  12. bjuric

    Trying to get a Proper doccumentation for making a PIC programmer

    have you checked In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) Guide for Microchip site
  13. bjuric

    Having problems using PIC 18F2420/ PIC 18F4520

    If this confuses you now, I suggest you get some tutorial on PIC to get you started before going into anything deeper. To answer you question: You decide what port to use according to your design requirements. As a general digital input/output it makes no difference, tho there are some...
  14. bjuric

    [SOLVED] ADC problem using PIC16F876A

    unsigned short result; Short is 1 byte long. You need at least int size (2B). result=result<<8; //shift to left for 8 bit After this, result = 0 Also the scope of the result is inside the block. You should use "return result;", or a global variable.
  15. bjuric

    PIC 18F ADC Problem (plz help)

    Take a closer attention to this. In my experience PIC freezes when negative voltage is applied to the ADC.
  16. bjuric

    Battery circuit to produce ±3V and +5V

    If you have the room, how about 6 batteries? First two will give you +3V, and two on top of that with a diode to drop the voltage to about +5.3V. And another two in "reverse" to get -3V. It is a bit too much, but eliminates all the converters and boosters.
  17. bjuric

    How to install LUBUNTU .

    It would be useful to know which atheros card you have, because there is a great possibility that the driver already exists within the kernel. It might aready been built and all you have to do is load the appropriate module and/or start the net service. I can't help you much with Ubuntu, but...
  18. bjuric

    remove nolisten tcp on a debian machine

    Create a new file /etc/gdm/custom.conf with this content: [security] DisallowTCP=false
  19. bjuric

    How to install LUBUNTU .

    Does ifconfig (sudo ifconfig) show eth0? Maybe it's just not configured/started? You can try making bootable USB from the LUbuntu iso image using the UNetbootin tool. Once you boot into LiveCD(USB) check if the NIC works. I haven't seen one that didn't work on LiveCD. If it works, fire up the...
  20. bjuric

    PIC 18F ADC Problem (plz help)

    Never had that kind of problem so I never got into the problematics of that. Thanks for the explanation. Btw. where the hell have you been man all this thread, you could save us all this trouble ;-) I never implied that. Take care.

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