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  1. dnk0904

    VHDL tutorial explaining the synthesizable code

    I have a habit that using vcom with -check_synthesis option in Modelsim. I think this great option for synthesizable code :)
  2. dnk0904

    Interview Questions: 2 Always Block

    This situation can be same between 2 block if you synthesize and simulate, I think that. But if you write "a = b" , you maybe thought wrong or confuse between two kind of procedure assignment. I think you should read more about two kind of procedure assignment to present wrong design. [MOD]...
  3. dnk0904

    modify array.. can it be optimized?

    Hi! I'm looking for a method to modify a array like: Ex : i have 6 index of element like : x0 -> a0 ... x5 -> a5. Some time, i want take ai out of my array, then i have to modify by decrease elements that have value lager than a(i). I just think it can be synthesizable, but cost many area. So...
  4. dnk0904

    Multi output encoder with priority input

    Hi everybody! I'm RTL designer and I'm looking for MIMO encoder design, please help me . This design include : Input : Request signal (on/off), Priority signal of each request input. Output : Show index of request signal. For example: I have 4 input 0:3 (priority): input0 (prior 3) : request0...

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