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  1. ctzof

    RTL auto code generation

    Hello, I was thinking about an RTL auto code generation based on parsing existing code. Suppose for example that I have a list of modules and each of them has some test ports. I want to be able to parse all this modules collect all this test signals and crate a new module (at least top level in...
  2. ctzof

    [SOLVED] I Q signals lower sampling rate

    According to this article https://www.dsprelated.com/showarticle/192.php by using IQ signals we have at the end the benifit that Each A/D converter operates at half the sampling rate of standard real-signal sampling. Can somebody explain why? I mean the signal has still the same BW.
  3. ctzof

    OPA541 as voltage follower (Buffer)

    I want to use OPA541 as a buffer simply to provide more current on the output. On simulation level everything works fine, any way the circuit is simple enough. Recently I bought an OPA541 and try to build everything but the circuit simply doesn't work as expected. Attached you can find the...
  4. ctzof

    Complex structure desgin in Altium

    Hello, I want to design kind of complex structure for my Layout in Altium, but I am kind of limited with the tools that it provides. The structures have to follow specific geometric shapes or be formed by an equation like sinus or cosinus and be as precise as possible. From my knowledge is...
  5. ctzof

    Complementary bidirectional switches

    Hello, I want to design a simple circuit using the cheapest components as possible. I want to have two complementary bidirectional switches. When the control voltage is 5V one switch is open and the other close. When the voltage is 8V the first one is close and the second open. Is it possible...
  6. ctzof

    [SOLVED] Altium adding supplier problem

    Hello, I have a problem with Altium 16.0, and I cant add any supplier (the list is empty) in data management although I am connected and I can use to Altium vault. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
  7. ctzof

    [SOLVED] CAN transmission doesn't work properly

    Hello, Recently I configured my FPGA (MAX10) to work with CAN controller IP from open cores (https://opencores.org/project,can). This core is completable with SJA1000 controller from Philips. The core is connected to Nios processor in an 8051 mode interface. As a CAN transceiver I am using...
  8. ctzof

    Cheap and fast way to measure inductance-frequency

    Hello this question was probably made before but I want to ask it from another perspective. I want to build an inductive linear sensor. The inductance of the sensor changes during movement and this has as a result a change in frequency of an LC tank oscillator. So what I am doing at the moment...
  9. ctzof

    Dspic33ev UART2 problem

    Hello,l I have a problem with using UART2 for a Dspic33ev256m106 micro-controller. My code compiles just fine and I am able to see signal coming out from the port (RB4), but the data I receive at terminal are wrong. I am using dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN starter Kit and a CP2102 UART-USB bridge for...
  10. ctzof

    dsPIC33EV32GM002 number of asychronous counters

    Hi, Can I use more than one counters in asychronous mode in dsPIC33EV32GM002 or is just one (timer1)?
  11. ctzof

    [SOLVED] CRC for SENT Protocol

    Hallo, I want to implement a verilog code for SENT protocol CRC checksum. Is a simple CRC-4 with 1101 as polynom and 0101 as initial seed value. My input is 24- bit and the final crc value is determined by the polynom bit-count as 4 bits. I have tried many configurations but until now none...
  12. ctzof

    Cheapest temperature sensor

    I want to use a temperature sensor circuit to one of my boards. The temperature range is from -40-150°C. I am looking really for the cheapest solution, it could be an IC, thermistor e.t.c what I am really concern is the price. Until now I've found LMT87DCKR from TI for 0.52$/30 pieces and...
  13. ctzof

    Frequency measurement with microcontroller

    Hello, I am working on a new project and I am planning to use a microcontroller. The initial goal is to count incoming frequency of a sine wave by pulses. So I use a timer and I count in 1 ms how many times the sine wave is high and for that I determinate the frequency. In the initial desgin I...
  14. ctzof

    Array for values of a function

    I want to create an array in Verilog which is going to contain the values x,y of a given function (not a known one just a line calculated from values). So each content of the array is going to contain a value of x and a value of y. So lets say that I have the following values for (x,y) 3,2 5,10...
  15. ctzof

    Look up table for a given function

    Hello, I am rather new to FPGA design and I am having some difficulties with a design. Here is the problem: I want to build a look up table to generate the outputs of a specific function. So I have a temperature sensor and depending on the measured temperature I want to produce an offset which...
  16. ctzof

    X2Y simulation model

    Hi, What is the proper way to simulate a x2y capacitor like this one https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/500X18W104MV4E/709-1013-1-ND/1556418 in multisim or LTSpice? I make the following assumption (see on attached pictures) based on what I read here...
  17. ctzof

    Lines outside Layout editor Altium

    Hallo, Ive accidentally move some lines out from the main layout editor in Altium and now I cant access them so the appear in DRC as net antenna Any thoughts how I can access and delete those lines?
  18. ctzof

    [SOLVED] DCDC converter common mode filter

    Hallo, Maybe this is a simple question but I want to be sure. I want to design a common mode filter for the input stage of a DCDC converter (200w input). I follow this application http://www.netpowercorp.com/uploadfile/AN14-001%20Application%20Guidelines%20for%20DC-DC%20Power%20Modules.pdf...
  19. ctzof

    ESD Protection and GND_EARTH

    Hallo, I want to create an esd protection for my USB port. Searching on the internet I've found many possible configurations so I decided to use the following. I've created a GND_EARTH plane where USB Shield is connected. This plane is connected to the normal GND through an RC filter. ESD...
  20. ctzof

    Tri-Band transceiver

    Hello, I am trying to make a new design where I want to receive a signal in three different band and fed them to a SDR radio platform. The three bands are I: 868-868,6 MHz II: 902-928 MHz III: 2,4-2,85 GHz One possible way is to have three band pass filters in the transceiver and then...

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