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  1. Mozfet

    Which one is better: PLC or Microcontroller?

    Re: PLC or MICRO? If you can afford it, no doubts - the PLC!
  2. Mozfet

    Siemens s7 book with russian..

    Stoilov where are you from?
  3. Mozfet

    Is there an Omron PLC forum???

    Do you know a forum for the Omron PLCs? Like the Microchip Picbasic and PIC C forums.
  4. Mozfet

    f*p sites archive - website links

    Re: f*p sites archive Hey what are these FTPz. None of them workz. Do you know where can I download this book **broken link removed** in .DOC or .PDF file?
  5. Mozfet

    Do you use Salvo RTOS for MCUs ?

    Do you use RTOS for MCUs Is it a good idea using the Salvo RTOS?
  6. Mozfet

    Discuss about PIC Programing Languages

    Are there any good EPE articles about CCS PIC C? ASM is good, but C too.
  7. Mozfet

    CCS C bootloader - How?

    ccs c bootloader Yes I also intend to use the microcode loader. But I'm using 18F452. What line I've to type near the top of my CCS program. Is this going to work: org 0x1F00, 0x1FFF void loader18F452(void) {} //protect bootloader code for the 16k 18F452 What exactly do you write in your...
  8. Mozfet

    CCS C bootloader - How?

    ccs bootloader Hello. Till now I used Picbasic pro and Proton+, where I can click on the "Compile and program" button and the HEX file is loaded into the PIC. And I've to write, near the top of the program, the following line: Define Loader_used 1 So, what line I've to write in CCS C to...
  9. Mozfet

    Wireless Lan with robot

    Does the protocol implement the manchester encoding/decoding?
  10. Mozfet

    Looking for source file of proton dot net board of crownhill

    Re: Proton dot net Yes, I also need the software included with the Proton-Net development board. Could you please upload the programs from the CD. _____ Thanks Mozfet
  11. Mozfet

    What is a good Pic Basic compiler?

    Re: Which BASIC Compilers for PIC is the best? Ok but let's see the results. Could you please show me a program that you can do in C and I could not in P+? Any1 can use what he wants to use. Ok P+ is shit, do not use it. I don't care. _______ 4ao Mozfet
  12. Mozfet

    What is a good Pic Basic compiler?

    Re: Which BASIC Compilers for PIC is the best? Then CCS C is for kids too. Spinx if you're a big professional use IAR or the other ANSI C compilers. ______ 4ao Mozfet
  13. Mozfet

    What is a good Pic Basic compiler?

    Re: Which BASIC Compilers for PIC is the best? Crownhill will release Proton+ ver 3.0 soon. It will be the best picbasic. Mecanique are ready with the brand new ide for the third version of P+. Basic30 sounds very, very interesting. Anyone has tried the beta? _____ 4ao Mozfet
  14. Mozfet

    Which language to learn: VB.NET or Delphi?

    Hello. I'm planning to learn a visual compiler for Windows and I'm hesitating between VB.NET (or maybe VB6) and Delphi 7. What could you advice me? Which one is more powerfull and perspective? What are the + and the - for both of them? I see the .NET framework is everywhere. According to...
  15. Mozfet

    MSComm Control for RS-232

    rs232 mscomm Mgajo, could you pls upload some articles because I couldn't find anything at the EPE site. Or post a direct link. Regards Mozfet
  16. Mozfet

    This is a working RS232.... ICD2 !!!!

    isd2+schematics What do you mean, that you are not OK? Are the shematic and PCB tested and working ? Can I trust the file? Thanx
  17. Mozfet

    This is a working RS232.... ICD2 !!!!

    rs232 source code Hi. My PC is very slow (266 MHz only). Do you have the ICD2 PCB and schematic in a file for Protel99 SE. I can't open the Protel 2004 file. Thanks
  18. Mozfet

    Can you recommend a good protocol for a RS485 network.

    snap protocol Hello. I'm hesitating between the Modbus and the SNAP protocols. Which one is better and why? I personally prefer SNAP, because it looks easy to implement and it has lots of examples for BS1 and BS2, which can be easily adapted for Picbasic pro. But as I can see, most of the...
  19. Mozfet

    How to implement a PID mechanism ?

    Re: PID machanisim help? Send me an e-mail. crack5@abv.bg **in code we trust**
  20. Mozfet

    How to implement a PID mechanism ?

    Re: PID machanisim help? I have a working program for Picbasic pro which is based on the PID algorithm. If you need it - say yes. **in code we trust**

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