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  1. 3BABY

    150 to 250V 1A Generator Circuit

    Hi Guys, Im having a bit of trouble with a circuit. Please see schematic below. the top portion is a Capacitor Discharge Ignition circuit using a SCR, this is triggered by a microcontroller (not in schematic), the second portion is a 150-250V DC generator using a Step-Up DC-DC Controller (using...
  2. 3BABY

    150V to 5v logic converter

    Hi Guys, ive been scratching my head about this, have looked over the web but i cant seem to figure out what device to use. the problem: i have a 150V signal coming from a Capacitor discharge ignition system that goes into a coil to produce high voltage that goes toward the spark plug (i.e...
  3. 3BABY

    Created Symbol in Xilinx ISE Schematic editor Error NgdBuild:604

    Hi All would anyone be able to help me out, or point me in the right direction of some documentation for this, i have searched the web and read through xilinx documents but cant seem to find an answer: i have a project for targer XC9500 series CPLD, has top level shematic and a pin.ucf file...
  4. 3BABY

    LM338 15A Power Supply Circuit - HELP please

    Hi All, i have the below circuit, straight out of he Texas LM338 datasheet as a reference circuit, i would like to use it to build a 15-20A 8v power supply, what i dont understand from the circuit is the resistors R5 and R6 being 0.1 Ohm each. i understand that for 15A the circuit uses all 3...
  5. 3BABY

    Constructive criticism on Power Supply for Xilinx FPGA and CPLDs (attached pic)

    HI Guys, im just in the middle of designing a power supply for a board with Xilinx Spartan 3E and a couple CPLD's on it.. i have read a mountain of datasheets from Xilinx (ds312, ug313, ug786, xapp623 etc) and looked over a few schematics of boards with similar hardware.. allot use custom...
  6. 3BABY

    [SOLVED] Problem Reading Memory Addressed input port 8031/8051

    Hi Guys, so ive been putting together a 8031/8051 system on a breadboard with external PROM and going to be using external RAM, i can write to an External Memory address (by way of latch) and display the value on 8 LEDs no problem, the problem i have is i want to read an 8 bit value from a...
  7. 3BABY

    how to add libary files to project in MPLAB C18 compiler

    how to add libary files to project in MPLAB ASM compiler Hi Guys, im pulling my hair out here.. as my source file is getting terribly long with subroutines i use throughout and across all my projects, how do i create a Delay_2Secs routine (for use by multiple projects) and link it into an...
  8. 3BABY

    inconsistent OSC 18F4550

    Hi Guys, so after the need for speed ive had to crank my 18F4550 up to 40Mhz.. but this is when the problems start.. i have the uC executing a test loop that sets all the LED's on PORTB for one seccond via a delay (@40Mhz).. when i have the 40Mhz crystal connected it works for a couple cycles...
  9. 3BABY

    Can anybody help with Floating Point Routines for PIC 18F ?

    Hi Guys, ive been looking through Microchips IEEE 754 sheet and trying to manipulate it to work on 18F series but its just not happening.. would anyone out there have some Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, integer to FP routines that they could share? single precision would be perfect! Thanks,
  10. 3BABY

    Anyone know of a Low cost Bus Arbiter?

    Hey Guys, just wandering if anyone knows of a low cost Bus Arbiter, that is actually still available? preferably something TLL .. i have had a good look around and forud one.. but not still available in quantities that arnt expensive! ( 74F786 ) any help would be much appreciated..
  11. 3BABY

    CAn you run PIC18 or PIC32 with external ROM?

    Hi Guys, this is a question that has been bugging me for a while now, is it possible to run some of the larger pin count Micochip PIC's with external ROM and not use any of the internal ROM?? thanks,
  12. 3BABY

    [SOLVED] Cannot Read Random Address Serial Flash - HELP -

    Hi Guys, seeing i was not successful after many weeks trying to interface I2C EEPROM.. i decided to try Serial Flash.. as i still needed some sort of non-volatile memory for my project.. but did not want to use a whole heap of I/O pins.. my problem: i have the Write routine, and a Read routine...
  13. 3BABY

    I^2C Question - Confusion

    Hi Guys, im just starting to work with some I2C EPROMs but im getting confused about the Read/Write sequence.. im confused between these two websites as they seem to have completely opposite ways of Reading and Writing I2C Tutorial I2C PIC Interfacing Tutorial - Theory | PyroElectro - News...
  14. 3BABY

    NEED advice on ARM7 or PIC32MX

    Hi all, im trying to decide weather to go with an ARM microcontroller or a Microchip PIC32MX series microcontroller for the "heart" of my project, basically all it will be doing is crunching numbers. running between 32-as fast as i can go MHz ive done allot of reading around the web but i can...
  15. 3BABY

    Problem Trying to get PORTB LED's to blink PIC16F887 - HELP PLEASE SAVE MY SANITY

    Hi Guys, i have googled and searched but the 16F887 seems to be harder to get working then a 18F4550.. can someone please point out the obvious mistake im making in the below? im only working with the 16F887 as i have run out of 18F4550's... any help would save my sanity greatly...
  16. 3BABY

    HELP with Output to Input port voltages (data buss) please!!!

    Hi Guys, im having some major issues trying to connect a 18F8722 to a 18F4550 - the 4550 is on an EasyPIC6 and the 8722 is on a BIGPIC6, i have PortG of the 8722 connected to PortB of the 4550 via 8 separate wires, all ports are pulled down via 10k resistors and i have used a common ground for...
  17. 3BABY

    HELP with 4 bit LCD interfacing

    Hi All, i have an EasyPIC6 and the 2X16 LCD that i purchased with the board will only work in 4 bit mode, i am pulling my hair out trying to get it to work and cant find much documentation on 4 bit mode interfacing.. and NO examples in Assembily for this board,, any help would be much...
  18. 3BABY

    Strange Output - HELP Please

    Hi Guys, so after working on my project for a few months now i have come across some strange output.. i have set up the ports below, basically after some computations im my program i output an 8bit binary number to portb.. portd is working fine.. the strange thing is.. when i turn on my...
  19. 3BABY

    HELP with Timer 1 Please

    Hi Guys, im having major difficulty trying to create a delay of 765 Timer1 counts.. i just cannot get the interrupt flag to work.. ive tryed loading the High Byte with 253 as you can see in my code so the Low Byte will count up to 255 3 times.. but in MPLab SIM i cant see the High Byte...
  20. 3BABY

    [SOLVED] HELP with Subtraction

    Hi Guys, im having major problems trying to Subtract 8 from 20.. ive tryed taking 2's complements, ADDWF.. SUBLW, SUBWF everything.. i just cant work it out.. have googled searched this forum.. could someone please point me in the right direction? i have the value 20 in fileReg VAL1, and 8 in...

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