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  1. pcsandhya82

    KiCad : How to find un connected tracks/nets in the finished board?

    Hello, I am using Kicad BZR4022. After designing the PCB, while running the DRC I want to be able to detect the electrically unconnected tracks/vias in the board. How can I do this? I have searched online forums and have not found an answer. Also, if this option is not currently there in KiCad...
  2. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] KiCad: How to get rid of "soldermask expose on trace" error?

    Hello all, I have made a PCB with soldermask clearance as 0(Dimensions-> Pads Mask Clearance-> 0) , but the fabrication people has sent it back saying "We found soldermask expose on trace on both circuit layer" . Why does this happen? Ive attached snippets of my PCB where the Fab ppl points...
  3. pcsandhya82

    KiCAD 2013 'delete' button missing in right menu bar

    Hello, the delete button seems to be missing in the right menu bar after I installed KiCAD 2013(Build: 2013-07-07 BZR 4022) on windows 7. I was using KiCAD 2010 until now and it didn t have this problem. Since Delete button is very useful to me, I d like to know if someone else also has faced...
  4. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] designing ISP header for STM32F030F4P6

    Hello, I am designing a board using STM32F030F4P6. I have to use STM32F0 Discovery board STLINK for ISP. Checking the schematics of Discovery board, I found out that the ISP connector (SWD) is connected as follows: 1.3.3V 2.SWCLK 3.GND 4.SWIO 5.NRST 6.PB3 of the STM32 controller on board...
  5. pcsandhya82

    fractional gain differential amplifier with LM2904

    Hi, How to design a differential amplifier which converts 5V input to 3.3V output? the IC should be LM2904. Thanks.
  6. pcsandhya82

    KiCad Ubuntu: How to convert a .brd file to .pdf format?

    Hi, I need to convert my .brd file in ubuntu KiCad EDA Build 20090216 final into a pdf document of the same dimentions. There are no options to export as pdf, so please tell me if this is possible. Thanks.
  7. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] pic16f877a external interrupt isr seems to stall the entire program.

    Hi all, below is the code for external interrupt on RB0 of PIC16F877A controller. the issue is, external interrupt does not seem to be working with other peripherals. when the static void interrupt isr() routine is commented out, whatever is in the main program works. but as soon as the isr is...
  8. pcsandhya82

    50Hz sinewave oscillator controllable linearly with POT

    Hi all, How to generate a sine wave of frequency 50Hz +/- 10Hz controllable through a POT? the amplitude can be +/- 5to12V, duty cycle 50%. 555 and 566 give only +ve wave forms, i need a wave with alternating polarity. thanks.
  9. pcsandhya82

    low cost energy monitoring ic eval board needed.

    Hi, I am trying to build an energy monitoring application. ADE7757 looks promising but i could not find a low cost solution using this chip. MODIFIED LOW-COST ENERGY METER USING ADE7757: https://kitsnspares.com/admin/pdffiles/Modified%20Low%20Cost%20Energy%20Meter.pdf that ssomething i...
  10. pcsandhya82

    pic16f877a wake up from sleep using synchronous serial reception.

    Hi, I want my PIC16F877a to go to sleep and wake up when a query is received on UART via zigbee. the idea is remote data monitoring. I want the device to go to sleep and wakeup and send data only when queried. datasheet says this is not possible if i am using asynchronous receive interrupt. so...
  11. pcsandhya82

    energy monitoring using pic16f877a_any suggestions for sensors?

    energy monitoring using pic16f877a_which sensors to use? Hi all, I m trying to build an energy monitoring application. I have to measure power consumed in a domestic environment, and power generated in a solar panel. I am emulating the domestic environment with a load built with two 40W lamps...
  12. pcsandhya82

    energy monitoring using pic16f877a_which sensors to use?

    Hi all, I m trying to build an energy monitoring application. I have to measure power consumed in a domestic environment, and power generated in a solar panel. I am emulating the domestic environment with a load built with two 40W lamps. I have some doubts regarding the sensors that i should...
  13. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] Can someone check if this PCB Layout and guide me further?

    Hello, I am experimenting with eagle. Can someone please look at this small project I have done in eagle? Its a temperature control using PIC16F877. I have taken a construction from EFY, they have given the PCB Layout. I have tried to reproduce that. I have attached the project. Please tell...
  14. pcsandhya82

    uC741 1nd IC555 tester circuit. will this work?

    Hi, following is a link that i found. https://books.google.co.in/books?id=pmlMOGBrFnAC&pg=PA9&lpg=PA9&dq=741+tester+efy&source=bl&ots=4RYYf8XI2W&sig=pROQaLbv0V-7WWaQ3AD0OZ7sGFc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=U0O2T-7NOozNrQfez53PBw&ved=0CFMQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q&f=false I simulated it using multisim, and the 555...
  15. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] Eagle footprint for 12V DC jack required

    Hi, I am new to eagle and am trying out my first design. Can someone tell me where to find the footprint for the 12V DC jack which has aprox 7mm diameter? Thanks and regards, Sandhya.
  16. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] 4line LCD with pic18f14k50_

    Hi, I ve attached the project and ISIS schematic. LCD gets initialised, but it does not show characters. I m not able to debug it.. could someone please help?
  17. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] 4line LCD with pic18f14k50_issue with pointers

    Hi, Could anyone tell me why the following code wont work? The string is not being passed to the function and strlen() returns zero. MPLAB also flashes warnings about suspicious pointer conversion. What is going wrong here? //Code for passing string constant to LCD WRITE function. #include...
  18. pcsandhya82

    lpc2129 external interrupt 1 rising edge not working

    Hi, I am trying to interface a PIR sensor to LPC2129. below is how I have configured the interrupt: // void ext(void) __irq //P0.3 as external interrupt 1 { CMDWRT(0x01); LCD_DATA_WR("OBJECT DETECTED"); motor_stop(); EXTINT=0X02; //clear interrupt flag...
  19. pcsandhya82

    [SOLVED] PIC18f4550 USB Not Recognised.

    Hi, I m trying to interface pic18f4550 USB to PC. I loaded the program for LED Blinking from OLIMEX (attached) and it worked fine. I m using the following circuit from eegeek.(attached). I loaded C:\MCHPFSUSB\fw\_factory_hex\picdemfsusb.hex from microsoft for USB testing.But USB Device is not...
  20. pcsandhya82

    Trouble in creating netlist from Ulticap Schematic Editor.

    Hi, I created a schematic in Ulticap. I want to convert that into a board. But when I import netlist into Ultiboard, I get errors. Attaching the schematic file and log file that I got while importing netlist. Can some one help me with this? Thanks. Sandhya.

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