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  1. nagkiller

    C char function on Visual Studio C 2019 wrong result, or not.

    Could anyone help me with a error in char function on Visual Studio C 2019. #include <windows.h> #include <iostream> char *timeStamp(); int main(void) { printf_s("%s", timeStamp()); return 0; } char *timeStamp() { SYSTEMTIME t; GetLocalTime(&t); char buffer[35]; int...
  2. nagkiller

    [PIC] CCS PIC with SPI communication

    Hello. I'm trying to write some values in eeprom 25AA160, but without success. Here is the code: #include <16F1827.h> #FUSES NOMCLR, NOBROWNOUT, NOFCMEN, NOSTVREN, NOLVP, NOIESO #use delay(internal=4MHz) #use spi (MASTER, CLK=PIN_B1, DO=PIN_B3, DI=PIN_B2, BAUD=1000000, MODE=0, BITS=8...
  3. nagkiller

    Pic16f1827 + mplab + asm = error

    Hi Folks!!! This is my code, and cannot set leds on or off... This is a simply circuit using the internal clock 4MHz...If I make in C is works fine!!! But in mplab 8.92, using asm, the code not works. LIST P=16F1827, R=DEC #INCLUDE <P16F1827.INC> __CONFIG _CONFIG1, B'0011100111000100'...
  4. nagkiller

    [SOLVED] MikroC 6.4.0 Count and put in LCD???

    How to print an integer count in mikroC ??? I've tried to do with sprintf (gives error), with IntToStr, etc ... I would like to print the value of count 0-255, for example !!! Thereby: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-...94-95-96-97-98-99-100-101-102.... 252-253-254-255 ... sbit LCD_RS at RB4_bit...
  5. nagkiller

    Using PIC AD as Ohmmiter (doubt is the formula to calculate)

    Using PIC AD as Ohm meter (doubt is the formula to calculate) Hello to all! How do I find the value of x in the equation below?? Vout = (R2/R1 + R2) * Vcc 1.50 = (10000 / (x +10000)) * 5 Value of x = 23333.33333.... I am using ccs pic, voltage divider in ad converter to find value of a...
  6. nagkiller

    Doubts about resistors in series and parallel

    The powers of the resistors in parallel are added!!! And the powers in series??? Are added or lesser power prevail??? Some people say that add, other than the smallest prevails!!! Which statement is correct??? Sorry for my bad english!!! 10x
  7. nagkiller

    [SOLVED] CCS C Keypad 4x3 and isis freezing

    Solved Just remove keypad and use buttons...
  8. nagkiller

    [SOLVED] PIC CCS C Compiler Hexadecimal to Binary conversion

    PIC CCS C Compiler Hexadecimal to Binary Conversion : How to Hello!!! I need code in CCS Compiler to convert the value hex 4C48F5 into value 24 bit binary ( like this 101011110001001000110010 ). Thanks for reply. - - - Updated - - - Solved!!! In my case the code is: void Convert(int...
  9. nagkiller

    CCS Count Input time in Low and High State of PIN state

    CCS Count Input time in Low and High State of PIN How to count time up and time down, write value to eeprom and show in terminal using CCS Compiler??? This is the code in U1... TX #include <12F629.h> #FUSES NOWDT #FUSES INTRC_IO #FUSES NOMCLR #FUSES NOBROWNOUT #use delay(int=4000000) void...
  10. nagkiller

    [SOLVED] PIC16F76 and LCD in CCS not run in ISIS Proteus

    Hello!!! I need help in CCS compiler (V4.140), the PIC16F76 cannot run lcd in ISIS PROTEUS (V7.10)... I trying the example created by the Project Wizard. This is the log " " Thanks. Sorry for bad english.

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