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  1. vipinlal

    Which free editor is best for VHDL/Verilog?

    I am currently using Modelsim for editing and testing code. But I feel the code editor is very bad. What editor do you use?
  2. vipinlal

    [SOLVED] System Verilog error in modelsim with enum types.

    I have a design which looks like this: typedef enum { a,b,c d, e} enum_t; module test ( output enum_t test_op, input xx, input clk ); I have a testbench code too where I instantiate module test. module tb_test(); logic clk,xx; enum_t test_op; My question is how do I make the...
  3. vipinlal

    How to detect the phase of a sine wave?

    How to detect the phase of a sine wave in QPSK modulation? Is it possible to do it using cordic or dds coregen(xilinx) modules?
  4. vipinlal

    DC - DC voltage converter

    I have to design a DC voltage converter. The input voltage range is 1.2 v to 3 v. And the output voltage should be constant at 1 v. How do I go about it? Any pre made IC's available for this? Thanks...
  5. vipinlal

    [SOLVED] Matlab error - not a valid target for an assignment.

    realW = 2.0*cos(2.0*pi*20/2001); imagW = sin(2.0*pi*20/2001); y = 0; d1 = 0.0; d2 = 0.0; N=2001; for n= 1:N { y = x(n) + realW*d1 - d2; d2 = d1; d1 = y; } end resultr = 0.5*realW*d1 - d2; resulti = imagW*d1; I am getting the following error on the below code,please help.. ...
  6. vipinlal

    A good hardware verification language

    I know VHDL and would like to learn a hardware verification language.I googled and found that these are the common languages used right now: SystemVerilog, OpenVera, e, and SystemC. So right now I am confused about learning which one among the ones listed above.I searched here and found this...
  7. vipinlal

    VHDL code for this timing diagram.

    I want the signals to change as shown in the following timing diagram.The inputs are "busy" and "clk" and output is "dataenable". These signals are used for interfacing my module with another module.Can anyone give a VHDL code or hardware circuit for this.Just plain ideas are also welcome. The...
  8. vipinlal

    writing output data from FPGA into a file in PC

    Hi guys, I have a designed a module which outputs a single bit in each clock cycle.I want this module to run for sufficiently long time and process the data later using some other software.I want something like writing the output data into a text file in PC connected to the board. Ho do I do...
  9. vipinlal

    how to use the audio codec available in fpga board?

    Hello guys.. I want to implement a program on my ml506 board.The program will be a simple counter which counts from 1 to 1000 and at the same time,speaks the count value. Say if the value is 2 ,it should say "TWO".How to approach to the above problem.I am having problem with where to start. how...

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