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  1. mathespbe

    LC filter issues in inverter

    Hi power electronics experts, We have designed a solar inverter of 10KW capacity. We had 3 single phase inverter in which each phase carries 3500W capacity. We have loaded and tested the system fine and which has no issues. In order to filter the waveform we have introduced LC filter. Input...
  2. mathespbe

    Solar inverter driver issue

    Hi experts... Warm regards to u all... I have designed a solar inverter with IR2110 driver. I have attached the schematic for one section of high side. When i check the pulses across the gate and emitters of each IGBT is proper. When I give 315V DC to my H bridge, One of the high side and...
  3. mathespbe

    [SOLVED] 3.3V regulator circuit with minimum ripples on load

    Hi all... I need a regulator circuit that should give ripple as minimum as possible on load. I'm currently having a RPS which gives 600mV peak to peak ripples as i monitored on scope. It making my ADC value to get oscillate around +/-32. Can someone help me???

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