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  1. bilgekaan

    gsm module powered with battery

    Hello, I want to power a gsm module with a battery.Which is the efficent way to do.1 ) Connecting battery directly to module ? 2 ) Connecting battery to module via dc dc converter . Which achives longest life time? I want to use Lithium-thionyl chloride. I am waiting for suggesions. Thanx .
  2. bilgekaan

    capacitor for maintaning peak current

    Hello, I am using 3.6 V lithium battery for gsm application.But battery cannot maintain peak currents during transmit and modul goes to reset. I am thinking of putting large capacitors in parallel to battery maintain peaks. Is it Ok? or not .Disadvantage ? I am waiting for suggestion...
  3. bilgekaan

    nc reed switch wiring

    Ken, I have add some explanation on the circuitry.
  4. bilgekaan

    nc reed switch wiring

    Hello, I want to count rotating freq of an object using normaly closed reed switch.My circuit will be powered from battery , I detect the pulse when swicth is opened and I want to drive current only when switch is open.What is the correct wiring for this kind of switch? Best regards, Bilgekaan
  5. bilgekaan

    optical port for meter reading

    Hello friends, I need schematic for optical port adapter.There are commerical optical ports in the market ,but too expensive.How can ı build one?
  6. bilgekaan

    sim300c echoing at commands

    Hello, I have sim300dz module on sim300c eVB 2.01 board. When I poer up board, I receive call ready message.İf I try to send At commands , board is just echoing At command I sent . Not responding my commands. I Am usşng only RX and TX signals.Not using control signals( RTS ,DTe ,,etc) . What I...
  7. bilgekaan

    Problem with sending dtmf over pmr radio

    Hello, I am trying to send dtmf signal over pmr radio. I am missing some dtmf codes in the receiver side.I checked the signals in the receiver side with a scope. I saw that signal is corrupt ( corruption is observed at the end of signal ). I attached scope snapshot. Blue is correct signal...
  8. bilgekaan

    clock sharing between two ic

    Hello, I want to use only one xtal to drive two different ic. ( HT92000 & HT9170 ). In the reference schematic two 20 pf capacitors are connected to xtal for both two chip. I see in the holtek forum that , to use one xtal , x2 of first chip must be coupled with 30pf capacitor to x1 of second...
  9. bilgekaan

    is this a PIC programming project? [noob]

    PIC with USB (e.g. 18F2550 or 18F4550) all implements slave side of USB protocol.To get picture from webcam you need to implement master side.So PIC wont be enough to implement master.You should look at other controllers that can implement master.CYPRESS has USB master controllers and Maxim has...
  10. bilgekaan

    mixing audio channels & seperating them at the target

    Hello , I want to mix six channels of audio(stereo is prefered) on an single line and carry them using a wire and then want to seperate them or tune to one of them at the target. Any suggestions,or links or start up information is wellcome br bilge
  11. bilgekaan

    micro seconds delay in C++

    delay in c microsecond Hellom, I used these to get microsecond delays /***************************** delay.h *****************/ #ifndef __DELAY_H__ #define __DELAY_H__ class Delay { public: Delay(); ~Delay(); static void delaySeconds( float seconds ); static void delayMiliSeconds( float...
  12. bilgekaan

    Where can I get info about PIC I2C Bootloader?

    how to write i2c bootloader for pic18f Lets say you have huge I2C EEPROM.You downloaded new firmware to this EEPROM.In field you dont need to carry laptop to upgrade firmware, just connect EEPROM to embedded system and restart.Firmware upgrade without using laptop in field.Good idea.Similar...
  13. bilgekaan

    Low power RF Tranceiver modules...need help

    have a look at www.sparkfun.com
  14. bilgekaan

    How can I access I2C bus in VGA Port

    Hi, you are trying to access DDC EEPROM through VGA connector.EEPROM contains information about the video timings,supported format (EDID data )....etc Address of EEPROM is 0xA0 , most of them are write protected. Only reead operation is available. It ıs usually 128 byte but some devices has...
  15. bilgekaan

    Visual C++ source codes for image processing

    Re: visual c++ check www.codetools.com for cximage libary , does what you want
  16. bilgekaan

    how to align wire with pads

    Hi, When I tried to route pcb manually , I could not align wire with pads. Wire always start out of pad bounds.(look at the pictures) How can align them ? Which settings is used for this?
  17. bilgekaan

    How does a Laser Range Finder work?

    Re: Laser Range Finder another project i found after quick google search
  18. bilgekaan

    How does a Laser Range Finder work?

    Re: Laser Range Finder Yes , right , laser is used for pointing.But I don think that sound is used. it is very difficult to focus sound to pointed target.Range is calculated from reflecting angle of laser beams. I saw an sample project ( laser range finder ) on Servo MagazineBut i am not sure...

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