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  1. g86

    Looking for elliptic filter design

    Can anybody post close form design equations for elliptic filter here. Thank you.
  2. g86

    Postdoc Job in various countries in Antenna and RF

    postdoc antenna Hi, What is expcted pay scale and chance to get post doc (PDF) job in different countries in the field of Antenna and RF? :!: :?: :idea:
  3. g86

    Conformal Antennas from Chapter 2 of KL Wong book

    Conformal Antennas Anybody here has gone through "Design of non planar microstrip antennas and transmission lines" by KL Wong? especially chapter 2 and 4?? or implemented it or trying it? :!: :idea: :?:
  4. g86

    How many ways we can measure the gain of antenna?

    Gain of antenna How many ways we can measure the gain of antenna. What is the best method to measure the gain of antenna? Gain=f(eff,directivity) :!: :idea: :?:
  5. g86

    Wave impedance - how to measure it practically?

    Wave impedance How to measure practically? :!: :idea: :?:
  6. g86

    Opinions on Feco software

    Feco[feko] Has anybody tried? How is this softi? Is it user friendly?fast? any comperisn with other softi.. :!: :idea: :?:
  7. g86

    26th Idea [Friis law]

    friis law Assume a Tx-Rx system at frequency f where two antennas (with gain G1 and G2) are there with zero reflection, 100% efficiency and no sidelobes. The distance between the two is say d. Tx antenna generats a very sharp pencil beam and Rx antenna apertue is large enough to receive all...
  8. g86

    Microwave Office demo problems

    The demo link dosnt work :( :!: :idea: :?:
  9. g86

    Why Ensemble is not in the Ansoft product list?

    Ensemble I am just curious why Ensemble is not there in the Ansoft product list? And also no upgrede...a good software though :( :!: :idea: :?:
  10. g86

    Help me with building microwave pinhole camera

    Microwave Camera I am going to make a microwave camera. just like optical one. no tracing or tracking. Microwave pinhole camera. Who can help me to select: 1. A box 2. Pin Hole 3. Photographic plate 4. Focusing lense First of all I want to know what will be my output picture?? Who can...
  11. g86

    Best Circularly Polarized Array[edited]

    Suppose we are designing a Circularly Polarized (CP) array wich is consists of four sub arrays. Now which array should give best CP performance in terms of CP bandwidth, Axial ratio at center frequency and CP HPBW? 1. Sequential rotation of 4 sequentially rotated sub array 2. Array of 4...
  12. g86

    90 degree phase shifter

    loaded-line phase shifter Is it posible to design a 90 degree phase shifter using a single PIN diode and microstrip lines?? :!: :idea: :?:
  13. g86

    ProCAP demo - Is it available??

    procap capability Is it available?? ANALYSIS CAPABILITIES OF ProCAP Complete Nodal Circuit Analysis. Multiple Coupled Line Analysis. Noise Analysis including Transistor. Noise Circles. Transducer Input and Output Parameters. Monte Carlo Sensitivity Analysis. Optimization Capability. Tune...
  14. g86

    Low frequency RF communication

    Hello friends, Let us design a low frequency RF communication system say at 10 KHz. Can't we sent voice message using it? RF is [Really Funny] :!: :idea: :?:
  15. g86

    How to use the license for IE3DNET MM070?

    ie3dnet I have license for IE3DNET MM070. But never used it. Somebody tell me how to use that. Is it for ZDM? I could not setup that too. :( HELP :!: :idea: :?:
  16. g86

    Which type of notch filter is best for GSM band?

    Filter design Which type of notch filter (15 MHz BW) is best suitable for GSM band. Which simulator shoul I prefer. I am thinking to start with Parfil and check with Sonnet. Is it ok? I need to reduce the insertion loss. I want to choose stripline with air subtrate and thick lines and shorted...
  17. g86

    I want to know more about radial stub

    radial stub 1. Where should we use them (Uses) 2. Formulae used to dedign 3. Merits / demerits 4. Numerical modelling 5. Specific problem you faced :!: :idea: :?:
  18. g86

    NEC archives with 3D pictures

    NEC archieves A very nice collection. https://www.qsl.net/wb6tpu/swindex.html Must see the pictures: https://www.qsl.net/wb6tpu/4nec2_images.html But I could not run that 3D. :( Try and check :!: :idea: :?:
  19. g86

    Which system is better 50 or 75 Ohm

    vswr 50r 75r Earlier 75 Ohm systems were used. Most probably it was a Russian standerd. Not sure though. But now 50 Ohm has become standard almost in all applications. My question is which system is better? I feel 75 Ohm is better because easily connected with dipole or yagi antennas. Suitable...
  20. g86

    Best Chamfer for microstrip discontinuities

    chamfered microstrip bend How to get best chamfering in microstrip lines (in terms of chamfering factor or angle) for: 1. 45, 90 and 135 degree bends 2. single step and double step 3. T-junctions What are the merits and de-merits of these methods? How to calculate the exact path length in...

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