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  1. sreejith

    Suggestions of low cost cameras for robot's vision

    Friends, I am now doing a robotic project in which I have to implement vision. For that I decided to use 2 low cost cameras which have either parallel or serial interfaces. The board which I am using(ATNGW100) don't have a USB host, so can't use usb cameras. Can anyone please...
  2. sreejith

    Image recognition- using matlab

    image recognition by matlab friends, Now I am going to do a project in which I have to obtain a image from a µc to a pc and have to check that whether those the images obtained are some symbols (that will be shown by a person with his hands) or not. How could this be implemented, with the...
  3. sreejith

    The variations of Moore's Law

    Can any please tell me whether there is any considerable variation from Moore's law and if there are variations, what could be the reason(s) for that. Also what are important changes that is made in the new ITRS? Especially what will be the effect of changing feature size to 45nm? Thanks in...
  4. sreejith

    VLSI design technology

    Can you please tell me which are the different problems that VLSI design technology is facing and what are the proposed remedies for these problems? Can you suggest a few links or e books also if possible. Thanks in Advance! :D
  5. sreejith

    Looking for documents about skinplex in communication

    Hi all, One of the seminar topics for my academics is this, that is skiplex and its application in communication. But I have found only one site that is skiplex.net as its resource. :cry: please specify the links, if you know any site or e books that could be useful. Please please help! Thanks...
  6. sreejith

    New technologies or topics on which a seminar could be taken

    Hi friends, As a part of our academics I have to take seminars on some recent technical topics. Can you please suggest some new technologies or topics on which a seminar could be taken. Please provide some links on that too if possible. I found some usual topics through...
  7. sreejith

    What is the best protocol for hacking?

    hi friends, Which is the best protocol for hacking? HTTP? TELNET? or something else? can anyone post some tutorial links for learning these protocols. Thanks in advance.
  8. sreejith

    Which HDL is preferred by the companies for industrial application, VHDL or VERILOG?

    Hi friends, Which HDL is preferred by the companies for industrial application, VHDL or VERILOG? and why? Or is there no such preferences?Please answer. Thanks in advance
  9. sreejith

    USB communication using 18F4550

    18f4550 usb communication Please explain the implimentation of USB communication using pic 18f4455/4550. I am going to use mcc18 for implenting code. What are the things to be taken under consideration when using it? where could i get some sample codes for this purpose? thanks in advance
  10. sreejith

    The difference between SPI and I2C

    Can some one please give the difference between SPI and I2C in detail with their specific applications ? How it is implemented with pic18f4550/4455? thanks in advance
  11. sreejith

    PIC18F C program in MPLAB doesn't work but simulation is ok

    I am using PIC18F458 and i have don a program in MPLAB in C, which runs well during simulation process. But when i programmed the pic and connected Vdd, Vss, Oscillator, and disabled the MCLR pin in the real ckt and try to run the program, it is not working.I had set the GIE to 0. Is there some...
  12. sreejith

    PIC18fxxx programmer help

    I need a simple picprogrammer with protection circuitry, for the testing of my pic 18f series mcs.If anyone of you have such circuit please upload for me. I need a circuit that can setup easly, not any complicated one. thanx in advance :D
  13. sreejith

    Installing softs of windows

    How could we install a software tht is for windows in linux? i am using Kubuntu and is their some package for that?
  14. sreejith

    FBUS commands to communicate with cellphone

    I am doing a project to transfer messages from cell phone to microcontroller. I want to use fbus for this. I am extremely in need of the fbus commands(in hexcodes) to communicate with cell phone. plz help me.. plz post any link or file that gives details of fbus method and commands :D
  15. sreejith

    relation b/w electric flux density&field intensity-help

    how could we derive the relation ship E=permitivity X D please someone help me... thanks in advance..
  16. sreejith

    Voltage and current controlled devices

    Is there anyone have some documents or links that explains-how the active devices(like scr, transistor, triac diac etc.) are voltage or current controlled devices, with the help of there V-I characteristics..? then please help me... thanks in advance.. :D
  17. sreejith

    Difference b/w rheostat and potentiometer

    difference between rheostat and potentiometer Is there any difference between rheostats and potentiometers..? , on there purpose or construction or something else.. If so what is that..? If anyone knows please answer thx in advance.. :D
  18. sreejith

    Help me construct an algorithm for chess game in C

    Dear friends, i want an algorithm ,or program in C to use in my new project... if u have any link or files or information that may help me in constructing an algorithm for a chess game, please help me.. thx in advance... :)
  19. sreejith

    What are the applications of slew rate?

    what are the applications of slew rate? what are the important parametrs that are tobe taken into care when designing complex op-amp ckts..? please answer.. thx in advance..
  20. sreejith

    Block diagram of SDK 85 trainer kit for 8085 micro

    Is any one have the block diagram of SDK 85 trainerkit for 8085µP ? Please upload or give the link..... thanks in advance :D

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