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  1. kib

    Incremental compile in modelsim

    modelsim incremental comile Hi all, How to do incremental compile in modelsim? I use a do file for simulation. for example if my do file looks something like this vlog testbench.v vlog topmodule.v vlog module1.v vlog module2.v vlog module3.v vlog module4.v vlog module5.v vlog module6.v vsim...
  2. kib

    How to install modelsim on FreeBSD ?

    Hi, How to install modelsim on FreeBSD Thanks kib
  3. kib

    4-bit monochrome lcd controller

    hi, i need to design a 4-bit monochrome lcd controller. can anybody give me some good link/document to start with. thanks -kib
  4. kib

    Looking for books on how to decide a good PCB stackup

    PCB Stackup Hi guys, Looking for good document/book on how to decide a good PCB stackup. -kib
  5. kib

    looking for multi ice schematics

    looking for multi ice :( looking for multi ice schematics
  6. kib

    AKAI amplifier service manual needed

    akai am-u01 Hi folks! Any one having service manual/schematics for akai stereo amp model AM-U01. regards pgbhat

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