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  1. galilu

    How to generate CASE 211–07, Style 2 footprint?

    Hi I have no idea how to generate CASE 211–07, Style 2 footprint? it's for MRF171 transistor... Please, anyone help me :cry: Thanks in advance
  2. galilu

    Help me design a Power Amplifier Class C at 60MHz

    mrf171 amplifier Hi I need to design PA Class C @ 60MHz, with output power 10Watt. using GMSK signal (linearity not issue), I failed to get stable with high efficiency in same time :cry: , my procedure: 1)- input matching network. 2)- RF transistor (MRF171) 3)- output matching network 4)-...
  3. galilu

    How to add zener diode in ADS ??

    @DS help Hi Please...I can't add zener diode in ADS, I need help :(
  4. galilu

    amplitude locked loop...help

    Hi Please...I need any info about ALL (amplitude locked loop) which used in power amplifier design. Thanks in advance.
  5. galilu

    Which American supplier provides small amount of chips?

    Chips Vendor hi Please, If anyone know some Chips supplier in USA to provied small number of chips, 5-10 Chips only,....or have free sample it will be nice :) thanks in advance
  6. galilu

    Can anyone test PCB frequency limitation?

    PCB limits...? hi can anyone test PCB frequency limitation that can work probably....?
  7. galilu

    How to encode data using Booth Recoding for Digital Multiplier circuit?

    hi I need to know how we can encode Data using Booth Recoding for Digital Multiplier circuit, the algorithm to change radix from 2 to 4...with litle example if you please. thanks in advance.
  8. galilu

    energy scavenging for low-pwer radios

    Hi any one have an idea about this type of technology, converting vibration to energy.... :?:

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