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    Flash programming, strange issue

    Hello all, i am experiencing a strange problem programming a parallel flash memory SST29VF3201B (2Mega x 16bit words) from a coldfire processor. i try to explain what happen 1) using the constructor programming algorithm, i erase the flash, this succeded, i have all the 16bit words to 0xFFFF...
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    hw design error, looking for a workaround

    Hello all, i have developed a little custom board, with a MCF5307, a 16x2MB (word programmable) parallel flash (SST39VF3201B), a 16MegB. SDRAM and some other peripheral. Anyway, since this is one of my first quite big embedded circuit development, i connected for error the flash memory address...
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    Problem with AT+CPIN command for Sim300

    Hello all, i get a sim300_dev board, and i would be able to send some sms. After startup i get: RDY +CPIN: NOT INSERTED +CFUN: 1 I trying to put a pin, with AT+CPIN i get +CME ERROR: 10 if some help, thanks

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