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    HMC 5843 interfacing with PIC 16F877A

    Hi. I have interfaced Honeywells HMC 5843 compass with PIC 16F877A in single supply mode,The problem is that LCD display connected to the same is showing heading angle as 360 and 180 degree, no further angle is obtaining,please help me any one having more experience with this IC. I am...
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    How will a HMI panel send requests to a controller?

    Hi I am using Delta Screen editor software to develop a HMI panel.Also the protocol using is Modbus RTU. I want to know how the HMI panel will send request to controller (slave) so that controller can respond accordingly,I have already developed one screen which performs RTU writing mode (code...
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    Error in a code which reads RTC and displays on LCD

    hi my project includes an RTC and LCD. I had read the rtc by i2c protocol and tries to out in an lcd. but iam getting some error my output is TIME : 1? : 2? :3? a question mark is there when i tried to mask my received data from rtc with 0f .e some problems regarding the LSB (4 bits) of...
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    to link with a web server

    hi my problem is to find difficulty in accessing an internet application with GPRS( ie I want to link with a web server). Iam using a GSM/GPRS modem connected to the RS232 port of my PC and i am sending AT commands from hyperterminal to the GPRS modem. However i succeeded in establishing a...
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    How to program a keypad exactly like the mobile phone keypad using PIC?

    May i know how could i programming a keypad extractly like the mobile phone keypad using PIC? For instance, when we first press the 2 button, it is an 'a', second press is a 'b' den is 'c',finally is '2', then it repeat the routine. Same for other buttons. So, the 4x3 keypad can have output for...
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    How to interface a finger print module with an microcontroller?

    hi i need to interface a finger print module with an microcontroller.please tell me any one that how to interface it
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    The design and equations to limit the current through the relay

    hi i need to connect a device whose current rate is 450 mA at the end of microcontroller.I have selected a relay to switch the same device.but i need to to ensure that proper current flow is there, please help me by giving the design and equations to limit the current through the relay for...
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    pic 18 configuration bits

    pic18 configuration bits hi i need the configuration settings for pic18 series.iwould be thankful if i get the explanation too.
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    hi tech picc 18 compiler version 8.20

    hi if any one have picc 18 compiler version 8.20 please send me its set up files i will be very thankfull to u
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    Need info about RD 16 in PIC Timer

    hi Can any one help me for getting a clear picture about PIC Timer(1,3)'s MSB bit RD 16 MSB bit 7: RD16: 16-bit Read/Write Mode Enable bit 1 = Enables register Read/Write of Timer3 in one 16-bit operation 0 = Enables register Read/Write of Timer3 in two 8-bit operations
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    Suggest me a good 89c51 simulator

    hi friendz if any one know about good 51 simulator ide .please replay me the details from where i can download it
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    CAN- controller area network

    here u will get an clear picture about CAN
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    In Circuit Debugger for Microchip

    hi friendz I need an schematic diagram and the code for microchip ICD. if any one have please replay me at <shanishp@esmarttechnologies.net>

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