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  1. K

    USART communication errors (ATmega16)

    okay it's working now, I was using USB-RS232 converter which consists of ATtiny2313 and MAX3232, when I connected RXD and TXD directly to ATtiny2313, not using MAX3232, everything started to work properly, thanks for your help!
  2. K

    USART communication errors (ATmega16)

    1. Yes, echo on USB-RS232 converter is correct 2. Unfortunately I don't have an oscilloscope... Enabling the UART after setting the frame format didn't solve the problem
  3. K

    USART communication errors (ATmega16)

    Hey, I've got a problem with USART communication on ATmega16, I'm using USB-RS232 converter (AVR-CDC), with newest drivers and firmware, but simple echo doesn't work :( atmega is clocked by 11.0592MHz crystal, so there should be no errors. Here's the code: #define FOSC 11059200 #define BAUD...

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