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    HELP: HFSS simulation problem

    :?: Hi, I want to simulate an antenna with the absorbing material in HFSS, but I have no idea of setting absorbing material in HFSS. Can anyone give me some suggestion? Besides, I need the absorbing material to be 15dB attenuation. Please……many thanks. And someone said I could use PML to setup...
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    Triple-Band Antenna help

    Hi, I am designing a triple-band antenna for both GSM900/1800 and Bluetooth, and I want to know which antenna is suitable for such antenna whose Gain is also required to be 2dBi plus. Now I choose one Folded PIFA, which works for GSM/DCS/Bluetooth Triple-Band Application. The paper is here...
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    Problems of Aperture-Stacked Patch Microstrip Antennas

    Hi all, I have some problems in the simulation of Aperture-Stacked Patch Microstrip Antennas. Refering to 'Design of wide-band aperture-stacked patch microstrip antennas', I have established a model and got its result. But the BW is not so broad. So I adjusted the dimensions of my ASP antenna...
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    Can HFSS do parallel computing?

    hfss distributed memory parallel Hi, My question is:Can HFSS do parallel computing?And if it can, than how to setup? I am using HFSS to simulate some complicated models. Since its big dimension, it takes a large number of time. Sometimes, HFSS says: Insufficient Memory. But, I have already...

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