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    How to determine the PCB track width ?

    How do I determine the track width of a pcb ? Also, what factors should I consider when making this decision ? Firstly determine what the track is used for, is it a signal, is it a digital signal, does it require a controlled impedance. Is it an analogue signal, current, voltage drop etc. Is...
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    A page gathering some good websites for electronic engineers

    **broken link removed** made by my friend, you can find PCB design software or cheaper PCB manufacturers and so on in it. If you have any other suggestion, please comment here to let me know:-D
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    Recommand a good site for PCB designers to making DIY kits

    MySensors is a forum that authors can share their designs. Recently, they create a new feature that allow authors to sell their designs on OpenHardware.io through Ebay or via a manufacturing partner. There is just a few of steps to make your PCB available for sale as an author: Upload and...
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    Connection problems in Altium Designer

    In Altium Designer, I often encounter a number of connection problems that the DRC can not check out when it is open, but often cause emergence an open phenomenon on the produced board. how can I avoid it?
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    PCB design

    Talk about your questions and share your experience about PCB design
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    How to draw varying width of the arc traces

    See the inner trace that has varying width, I just wanna know how it is designed or drawed..
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    How to draw varying width of the arc traces

    Hi all, Can anybody tell me how can the varying width of the arc traces be drawn by Altium ?
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    Copper Spacing in PCB designing

    That situation you said do exist but not common,we often design the same spacing on a board, apart from we need achieve some special functions.
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    High-voltage circuit board

    Thanks for your suggestion, it is indeed dangerous to use 100kV with audio, that is why I wanna find a kind of board material that can bear the high voltage to reduce danger.
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    High-voltage circuit board

    As for help: The maximum voltage 100Kv 50cm * 50cm board thickness of 2-3 mm , with a minimum consumption of audio what the best board material can be chosed ?

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