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    What is INL in D sigma ADC

    inl sum adc Hello, what is INL (Internal non linearity) in D sigma ADC, I know in general what is INL but my Q is: When i will go to full scale of the input signal of the ADC is it the worst case for the non linearity? And what will happen if i will decrees the input signal? INL will be...
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    Whats the best solution for driving 4 white LEDs?

    3v supply for driving white leds cheapest, high efficiency, best solution that you know/think of, for driving 4 white LEDs @ 1.6v drop & 3mA, Vin=3v from a battery We can connect the leds in any combination that we like. The most important is power (not just 4 leds in parallel = 12mA)...
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    Can you help with EL1510 / 1517 full Datasheets

    Can you help with EL1510 / 1517 full Datasheets? But the full ver, not the 3 pages that Intersil give. Regards Moda
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    Do you know where i can get data sheet of the part AMC7823?

    Do you know where i can get data sheet of the part AMC7823?
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    Link to a free filter tool: FilterPro

    Free filter toll You can get at this site free filter tool: "FilterPro" https://focus.ti.com/analog/docs/articles.tsp?familyId=57&templateId=3&path=templatedata/cm/brc/data/20030307amplifierdesignutilities_filter&articleType=brc
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    Design for APD over power protection.

    Do you have Design Ideas for APD over power protection? not just a serias resistor or curent limiter?
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    Low noise opamp configuration.

    In voltage feedback opamp, can someone give full explanation what is the best configuration for low noise amp, is it inverting or none inverting? With the same gain. (like -2 gain or +2 gain)
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    DC/DC converter, from 24VDC to 3000DC

    Can you help with that? I need to develop power s, DC/DC converter, from 24VDC to 3000DC. External clock of 250KHz. Iout=3mA, small size. Regards

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