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    Conversion of MOSFET to BJT

    Hi All, Is there any possiblity to convert a Mosfet to Bjt. Please do let me know if there is any way to do the same. Please do help me in converting a MOSFET to BJT. Do the needful Thanks, Girish S
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    DC Analysis in Tanner T Spice Tool

    Hi All, I need to perform in DC transfer analysis to my circuit say simple Inverter . Can anyone help me in doing this. Pls do the needful Thanks, Girish S
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    Design of 4:1 mux with 32 bits each

    Hi all, Can anyone help me in designing a 4:1 multiplexer with 32 bits each..... or 8 bits each???
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    Width and Length Calculation

    Hi, I am working in 90nm technology in tanner. I need to calculate width and Length values of each transistor in a circuit. Pls do help me in doing dis. Thnaks in advance - - - Updated - - - Hi crutschow , I am great confusion of calculation those w and L values in a transistor .. could u...
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    Tanner Doubts_ Calculation of Current & Voltage

    Hi How do I obtain the current at each branch of a circuit on a schematic using tanner tool...... Pls do the needful
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    Tanner Technology Conversion

    Hi Everyone.. I have av completed my design in Tanner 14.11 which is in 250nm technology. Could any one pls help me in getting me 90nm technology file. pls do the needful. Thanks in Advance

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