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    [ARM] Serial Wire Debug where do we use where should i get info about it??

    HI, what is serial wire debug where should i get information about it???
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    [ARM] SPI with STM32F103 as master and M25P80 as slave

    Greetings, i am trying to interface M25P80 slave with stm32f103 master the main thing is after writing write enable instruction It won't set WEL bit in RDSR(0x05) !!! i am running SPI1 in master mode pin configuration for nss,sck,miso,mosi as GPIO_Mode_AF_PP, 50MHZ and HOLD as...
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    Internet Of Things book

    greetings, I am a beginner to IOT I don't know where to start it on ARM controllers Can any one suggest best book for Internet of Things??
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    Serial Wire Debug CTRLSTAT register

    sir, i am working on ARM CORTEX M4 architecture over serial wire debug protocol,i got IDCODE(2ba01477) as per arm technical reference manual,when i am writing 0x50000000 into CTRLSTAT register i got ACK success,but the thing is when I am trying to read CTRLSTAT register after writing i got...
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    why while(1) is used after end of every programme??

    sir, most of the embedded system programmers while they write code,at the end of the code they write while(1).what is the need of it?? how it effect for bootloaders??
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    [ARM] how to read an write into register using jtag protocol

    sir, i want to read and write to a particular memory region how should i do with jtag protocol,like spi, i2c protocol???

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