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    for a signal does freq spectrum change with time ?

    hi, i know that for a given signal, there exists a corresponding freq spectrum. but i'm am baffled by my thought. can somebody explain this: imagine this time domain signal: 10*sin(wt)u(-t)+5sin(wt)u(t)..i.e.sinusoidal signal is at one amplitude for -inf to 0 and another amp for 0 to +inf...
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    Ideas for project in microcontroller and telecom fields

    Re: Need ur Advice you can demonstrate time division multiplexing using microcontrollers
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    Which subject is best ?

    ECE because you can get best of both worlds (CS and EEE) !
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    A stupid question -- What is regulator?

    Not a stupid answer : A regulator that you often hear about is Voltage regulator.There are other types also. Now a voltage regulator regulates the voltage - it keeps the voltage at a constant level regardless of fluctuations at input. Most frequently used regulator - LM7805. It keeps the...
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    Unable to run Matlab 7

    Unable to run Matlab 7 i'm unable to use matlab 7 on Windows XP SP2 now. when i run the matlab program the flash screen appears and disappears but nothing happens(no workspace). it was working when i last used it a couple of months ago.even the m file editor and un-install programs do...
  6. C

    Antivirusing flash memories

    try reprogramming the flash. if its a device that u bought then contact the manufacturer
  7. C

    dsp processor vs microcontroller

    dsp processor basics major difference is the operations available and the data that both processors handle
  8. C

    what exactly is "phase" ?

    i'm unable to get the concept of "phase". i come across this word in several contexts like phase response, cos(wt + phase), e(jwt). ...... Can somebody explain what phase is mathematically and physically. and how to accept it by intution . or reference to any website would be also helpful.
  9. C

    AVR noise problem in a small DC motor

    avr+filter noise Incidentally this happened to be my first circuit with avr. I too used 7805 and a hexfet for driving a motor. It worked. You should first check your algorithm. If thats not the problem try using 2 capacitors one at iput an dother at oput of 7805
  10. C

    What is the best controller for automation application?

    Re: HAI AVR is simply amazing. It is very easy to program the chip, has a lot of features and does a decent job.
  11. C

    Commercial atmel MCU programmer

    atavrisp-nd I'm not sure about how much programmers cost... but for 50 bucks you could make yourself one. It is a very simple circuit. Google 'pony programmer'. check the first link you get. there are two schematics given in the website. go for the simple one.
  12. C

    Best circits simulator?

    Multisim is more intutive . Its very simple to learn aswell. You also have instrument panels that resemble actual lab equipment
  13. C

    What is Impulse response ?

    Let make it simple by taking an analogy. What is slap response ? The way you respond when somebody slaps you. What is impulse response then ? The way a system responds at the output when an impulse(think of it as an electrical 'surge' for time being) is applied at the input. Is it applicable...
  14. C

    Graphics using assembly language ? Help!

    never mind. I found a book by Irvin Kip . It also has some online resources. You can google it. It explains how to plot.
  15. C

    what are 'pseudo bipolar' input ADCs ?

    what is pseudo bipolar input Whats the difference between pseudo bipolar input and truely bipolar input ADC ? I haven't found a site or a book that explains the term pseudo bipolar. Any link or book or suggestion is welcome.
  16. C

    Question about the capability of r0-r15 AVR registers

    Re: AVR registers even i've tried looking for this answer. but haven't found a logical one yet. most websites bring this point and end it there. but i guess AVR designers tried to sqeeze in more instructions that occupy 1 word
  17. C

    Where can a newbie get help?

    its not easy to learn by going after free hardware. you can learn atmel avr. it is easy to learn and program aswell. and you can get started with minimal cost compared to other uc. try www.avrfreaks.net for more
  18. C

    unable to receive inputs from PARALLEL PORT

    hi, i'm using parallel port for simple interfacing. i am able to output data to parallel port. But i'm unable to receive data from the port. I tried making C5 = 1(loaded 20h into 37Ah), but when i read back from the port, i got C5=0 (0C0h back). Unable to change C5 bit. How can i...
  19. C

    Suggest a simple method to test if LCD module is working

    Hi everyone, Is there a simple method to see if an lcd module is working without actually connecting to a uc. thanks in advance, C
  20. C

    Graphics using assembly language ? Help!

    I'm relatively new to assembly. I want to create graphics using the video memory(B8000) directly for displaying the data received from DAC . i've been able to create graphics using a blank character with a coloured background in 80x25 mode. 1) Whats the memory scheme if I increase the...

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