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    Class D amplifier with PWM input

    What is the supply voltage you have available, what is the load resistance? Maybe some standard 'mosfet-driver' chip can be used in a H-bridge configuration? If you take a device with two channels (one inverting the other non--inverting), and drive them with the same signal. Because one leg is...
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    Interfacing sdram controller with FPGA

    It is not only programming mode registers. If you read through the datasheet of your RAM chip, you will see it requires a state machine to access the data. The signals you need to provide depend on the address you want to access, and on the ones you previously accessed. If I look a bit at...
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    My half-bridge smps transformer seems awfully large and expensive?

    Indeed, as you state, saturation is not a steep effect. It is not a yes/no. But be careful, saturation is lower at higher temperatures. At 100°C it looks like you can use the material up to 350mH. Why are you designing against saturation only? There is another parameter involved: core loss. If...
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    Routing a 10 layers PCB

    I don't think with 3 cores you can make 10 layers.
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    LM339 Spice Model .

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    Touching the audio amplifier input at the moon

    Are you inside or outside the moonlander?
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    How to Create energy ?

    As far as my view goes is the second law of thermodynamics. You can have some very concentrated source of energy, like explosive substances. When forcing these into an intense chemical reaction, the energy is released in an other form (heat, kinetic energy, sound energy, ...), but you can...
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    How to Create energy ?

    Nothing created... The energy relaesed by an explosion in the form of heat and kinetic energy, was already available in the substances that explode...
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    How to Create energy ?

    google for "1.21 giggawatts"
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    stepper motor driver circuit

    I really don't understand your schematic. Did you really make it like this? I think you should connect the positive power supply terminal to the common of the motor coils, and pull down the other side of the coils with your darlington transistors. Maybe adding a resistor in series with the...
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    [SOLVED] RS232 to RS422 converter circuit?

    I think this can work. You can also connect RX422_TX- to pin 2 of the LT1014 instead of the 2.5Vref.
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    can you suggest a circuit component that can genenrate 12v and -12v?

    And do you need isolated outputs from the input voltage?
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    High Power Voltage Controlled Current source

    Every now and then, we loose some signals :-) Can you be more specific about the circuit and the problem?
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    implemented sigma-delta DAC in FPGA

    google is your friend.
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    TL431 in SMPS feedback replaced with LT1009?

    FvM, Indeed, I overlooked the input impedance, you can not do the voltage divider at the input to set the desired output voltage of your power supply if using the LT1009. Stefaan
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    Electronic Switch reversal

    possibly pnp types for q1 and Q2 will make it easier, you can then add two extra npn transistors connecting the bases cross-wise (collector to base of Q1, emittor to base of Q4 and the second collector to base of Q2 and the second emittor to the base of Q3), and some extra resistors in the...
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    first order sigma delta adc modulator

    I can not see any file?
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    Hello world not working in Nios II

    One advice, try with the simplest possible system first, then upgrade with more and more components: - start with only uart and INTERNAL memory - add sdram controller, - ... Working this way, it's easier to detect what components cause the trouble. Also, when adding more and more stuff to...
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    isolated power sources for driving IPM

    Yes you need to seperate power supplies. This is due to the nature of how you need to drive an IGBT. Please try to understand this before you make something (unless you like a lot of burned parts). You can use separate small isolated DC/DC converters or bootstrap circuits. DC/DC converters wil...
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    What does infinite dc gain exactly mean in the case of ideal integrator?

    gain = output voltage / input voltage. dc = constant voltage level. output of the integrator goes infinite when a constant input voltage is applied --> gain = infinite / input voltage = infinite.

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