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    hilbert transform in simulink

    how to deduct the value of late? the problem is that I have not yet obtained the right Hilbert transform.
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    hilbert transform in simulink

    i can't juste delayed the signal, i muste obtain the same sequence with a 90° phase shift. Hello, I try to get the Hilbert transformed for a chaotic signal in order to have two signals completely orthogonal -> Chotic signal and Hilbert Transform of chaotic signal in MATLAB all goes well, I...
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    hilbert transform in simulink

    I just tried it but the signal obtained are not orthogonal to the starting signal, i need it for QCSK modulation, i tried also analytic signal blocks and i take only the imaginary part of the result but i am not satisfied. Hilbert tranform must return the same signal with 90° of dephasage. with...
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    hilbert transform in simulink

    i need too to know to get hilbert transform in simulink
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    simulink model of CDSK and QCSK

    No one answer me! I need help please.
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    CDSK modulation-Obtained Result

    when i tried to do simulation in simulink of CDSK modulation i obtain the following signals 1. data 2. chaotic signal 3. dataxchaotic signal delayed 4. addition of 2 and 3 5. Delayed version of 4 6. product of 4 and 5 7. output of my correlator at reception 8...
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    simulink model of CDSK and QCSK

    I am a PhD student, I work on digital modulations (CSK, DCSK, CDSK, QPSK, BPSK, QCSK ...), I work mostly on digital modulations based on chaos. However I am in blocking state for more than ten days in my work, I can not get a good BER in my simulation of CDSK modulation. for information, i work...

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